NOTW: Essie Miss Fancy Pants + OPI The Living Daylights

Friday, November 2, 2012

I was eyeing up this glitter topcoat from the OPI James Bond collection, but upon hearing that my friend had already purchased it, decided to swing by her apartment to "catch up" instead. A few hours of marathon eating and mindless gabbing later, I left with exciting, eye-catching nails!

I've already shown Miss Fancy Pants in a post and it's quickly become one of my favorite grays, and this NOTW is a perfect example of its versatility. It's certainly a pretty color on its on, but like any neutral with a creme finish, it's also a terrific base for just about any type of accessory, from stenciling to glitter. 

Being ever so sneaky, I actually plotted what base color I was going to wear ahead of time, which was a more thorough process than I thought it would be. The Living Daylights is a mixture of orange, blue and silver glitter which is what makes it unusual, but also a little more difficult to pair up. Nudes are tricky with a glitter topcoat, since they'll just look like an unpainted nail sloppily topped off with patchy glitter, so I had to go with an actual color. My first choice would have been a taupey, mushroomy color but I actually didn't have a suitable shade in my collection (can you believe it?), so I settled for gray. This combination doesn't look terrible or anything, but I still think I'd prefer to see the glitter matched with a richer, darker color for extra contrast. 

As interesting as The Living Daylights is, it's still not the kind of thing I would likely purchase. I like my glitter nail polishes as much as the next girl, but I don't get as much wear out of them as I do with cremes and frosts. Not to mention that this is a multicolored glitter topcoat, which isn't quite as versatile as your standard gold or silver glitter, which means I would use it even less.

*Quick tip: if you're trying to figure out if a polish is an opaque glitter or a topcoat, turn the bottle upside down, and as it moves, you should be able to tell which one it is based on the dispersion of color.

While it's not for me, if you like unusual and chunky glitter topcoats, this might be one you'll want to look into. And if you already own it and paired it off into a striking combination, leave me a comment!

No updates this week, as I've done next to nothing but stay in bed and alternate between watching romantic comedies and news coverage of the devastating hurricane effects. 

Hope you're safe and well!

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