NOTW: CoverGirl Outlast Smokey Taupe

Friday, November 30, 2012

Not sure on the price...around $5? 
CoverGirl is the latest drugstore company to release nail polish, and since I haven't yet seen them in New York, I jumped at the chance to try my friend's while she was visiting. 

In all honesty, I wasn't particularly thrilled about the color when I saw it in the bottle. It looked like yet another (slightly out of date) mushroomy-greige that every other nail polish company has already done. But I gave it a go, mostly out of curiosity, and was instantly surprised by how much I liked it on my nails.

These days, I'm all about the dark blues, or the foil finishes, or even the glitters, and Smokey Taupe is a lovely reminder of just how fabulously cool and elegant a simple greige can be. It looks a bit more mauve than your average mushroomy-beige, and that purple tone is more obvious on the nail, but I think I prefer that extra twist. It keeps the color from looking too brown and neutral, adding a healthy splash of dimension. 

I've taken a look online, and CoverGirl's color selection isn't great so far, and this is definitely the most wearable of the group. But as much as I enjoy wearing this shade, it's also one I couldn't wear too often. That's partially because I would get bored (fickle!), but also because in my mind, there's a sort of "out of date" feel to greige nails now. I don't know if anyone else feels that way, but that could likely be avoided by wearing greige nails as a classic color instead of a trendy color. (Meaning, pulling out this type of shade every once in a while, and not wearing it for weeks one end). 

For comparison: CoverGirl contains .37 oz, Chanel .4 oz

Formula-wise, I'm quite pleased. Smokey Taupe is solid in pigmentation, and I've only had minor tip wear after a week with this polish. My problem here is actually with the brush and the texture of the formulation. This brush feels cheaper than most I've tried, as it's a little furrier with more brush hairs that tend to splay around a bit. It's not especially troublesome, but it does make application a touch more sloppy. That feature alone could be overlooked, but the formula is weirdly prone to lumpiness when you go over an area with the brush--and I mean almost right after I've put down the color. 

If you never go over your nails after laying down the initial color, you might be fine, but the combination of the furrier brush with a prone-to-lumping formula leaves you with a slightly uneven, blobby application. Luckily, a topcoat is a quick fix to help blur everything together, and the extra shine helps hide any deficiencies in application.

Bear in mind that this is the only nail polish I've tried from the line, so this post might not be a great example of CoverGirl Outlast polishes.

However, if we're counting Smokey Taupe as perfectly representative of most of the range, then so far the drugstore nail polish breakdown goes like this:

Revlon ColorStay (not light colors!)> CoverGirl > Maybelline 

I'll do a bit more experimenting and elaborate in a post soon!

Happy Friday!

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