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Thursday, November 22, 2012

In my mind, Thanksgiving is the marker of the end of a russety, earthy fall and the beginning of a brisk and chilly winter. I'm sure we all have these identifiers, whether they're holidays, celebrations, or that feeling in your bones that cold weather is approaching. It's the last opportunity to really embrace autumn as a season before venturing into winter, and I'm making the most of it. 

While brown might not be the first color associated with fall (most would go with a pumpkin or sage green--two ingredients which were very present on our table tonight!), it feels extremely appropriate. 

Warm and rich, this kind of shade is perfectly evocative of scarves and crunching leaves, but has a depth which alludes to snowfall and mittens to come. It may seem like a plain old coffee color, but Mine's a Mocha has a few touches of plum to add extra warmth and dimension. It's not too obvious, and the overall color is definitely a rich brown, but every now and then in different lighting it looks like the color of red bean. (Or so my mom says!).

This is one of my very few brown nail polishes, and my only creme. The difference (without any shimmer or foil) really is huge, as it allows the color to stand alone. I don't see a lot of brown nails day-to-day, but it can be a surprisingly sophisticated look, and definitely an unusual color to wear. 

My life has been incredibly boring lately, (all schoolwork all the time) so there are no updates, but instead, pictures of what we ate this Thanksgiving! 

Garlicky shrimp

Potato and gruyere gratin

Mom's wild rice stuffing--my favorite!

Star of the show

A feast

Hope you're all stuffed full and surrounded by loved ones!

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