Worth Every Penny: Laura Mercier Illuminated Eye Color in Gilded Bronze

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am completely comfortable admitting that eyeshadow is not my area of expertise. I'm fine with distinguishing color and quality of formulation, but I'm not one of those 4+ eyeshadows a day types. I don't always wear it day-to-day, and if I do, it'll be one fairly light or medium toned color all over the lid--just about as basic as it gets. I might be more inclined to wear fabulously shaded eyes every day if it didn't take so much time and fuss, which is why I'm always on the lookout for easy to apply product with a lot of payoff.

Enter the Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Color in Gilded Bronze.

This velvety-soft powder is simply everything I could want in a single eyeshadow. The buttery texture and pretty embossing aside, the color alone is perfect for my needs. A wash of Gilded Bronze all over the lids is deep enough to define and add some intensity, but not so dark that it feels trampy in the daytime. I'm sure you could use this in a multitude of ways, whether it's mixed with some matte shadows in the crease, or as an unusually beautiful liner. But something about this minky, taupey silver color really lends itself to a fully dimensional look when applied all over the lid. The finish is an enormous part of that effect as well, as Gilded Bronze feels like a well-rounded shimmer. Meaning (God, this is weird), it looks like it has a little more character than your average shimmery eyeshadow, but it's not a full-on metallic either. 

This eyeshadow leans a little more cool-toned than what I would normally go for, but that's part of the interest for me. It's not so frosted silver that it's unwearable for daytime, but it really elevates the shadow and keeps it from being a relatively boring mushroomy-gold color. 

While some of you might not think it's work-appropriate, I think it's totally fine, as long as you don't go too crazy with the rest of the makeup. But lately it's become my favorite day-to-night makeup transitional piece, as packing the color on a little more and adding smudgy black liner leaves you with instant va va voom eyes. 

Like most eyeshadows, this creases on me after roughly four hours without a primer, but I don't have any problems with staying power as long as I've got primed eyelids. Bonus!: if you own the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, this layers beautifully on top for even more intensity. 

Trying to do "sexy eyes" so you can see the color better...FAIL

I did get a bit fickle while in Sephora, and was briefly drawn to one of Laura Mercier's baked shadows in Black Karat. It looked fairly similar to Gilded Bronze, but when I swatched them I realized they're actually quite different. Gilded is that silvery dirty taupe on the bottom, and Black Karat is the murky, blackish green with gold flecks on the top.

I told myself I could only get one, and while Black Karat might be a more interesting color, Gilded Bronze looked to be far more versatile, and these past few days have proven it to be. It's just such an adaptable color that really lends itself to any occasion and just about any outfit. I already feel sure that it'll be the cornerstone of my holiday makeup this party season!

Gilded Bronze, and the other two Illuminated Eye Colors are part of Laura Mercier's limited edition Art Deco collection. My Sephora has been sold out for a while now, (I nabbed the last one!) so if you're after this shade, I suggest you get on it.

That being said, depending on how extensive your eyeshadow collection is, you may already have a color similar to this, though I can't think of any potential dupes.

But if you know of any, leave a comment!

NOTW will be up Friday--and it involves glitter!

Hope you're well!


  1. Lmao!

    "Trying to do 'sexy eyes' so you can see the color better...FAIL"