Unfinished Business! 10/12

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've been neglecting these roundup product review posts lately, so while it might be the first time I'm mentioning some of these items, by now they're old hands and part of my routine. This is actually one of my more positive Unfinished Businesses, and I would even say most have been favorites of sort lately. 

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer: I'm finicky all across the board, but my under-eye concealer is where it's the most extreme, and is inevitably the part of my makeup that looks horrendous by the end of the day. The area beneath my eyes is especially thin, and I'm prone to makeup dropping down, so I need something moisturizing without being too creamy but is also dry enough to be long-wearing in a way that won't make my bags look crepey. (Am I fussy or what?!) While this concealer doesn't check all of the boxes flawlessly, it comes very close. Something about the consistency (and scent) reminds me of a more moisturizing Revlon ColorStay foundation (for combo/oily skin) as it's kind of thick, but very pigmented and even a little tricky to blend--you definitely want to tap, and not rub/blend this in! But once it's on your skin, it's on your skin until you're ready for it to come off. By the end of my 10+ hour workday, and even by the very end of my day, my concealer still looks just about as it did that morning.  It might be a touch splotchy, but after 16 hours of wear, I'm okay with that. I set all my concealers with powder, and with that additional step, I don't get much drop down with this stuff. There might be a few specks of black around nine hours in, but definitely no smudging. This is actually my first high end concealer, and I'm really pleased with the results--so much so that even on days when my makeup doesn't need to last as long, I have a hard time not using this.

2. CeraVe Body Lotion: This has been on my mental wishlist for a while now, since InStyle first named it Best Body Lotion in their Best Beauty Buys quite a few years back. I've always wanted to buy it, but as a strictly $5 body lotion girl, $17 seemed borderline obscene. But a few weeks ago, I found out both my cousin and her boyfriend use and love this, and that was intriguing enough for me to try it. (I always think male and female-loved products are some of the best, as they perform well enough for the standards of the woman, but are fuss-free enough for the impatient man). As it turns out, my instincts (and InStyle) were right. This lotion is noted for its dermatological reputation of rebuilding and nourishing the skin, but really, the only thing I noticed was how quickly it absorbed and how long it kept my skin hydrated. It made my legs supremely soft, and unlike some of my cheap body lotions, I've never felt the need to reapply once I already have. I absolutely think it's worth the money as you don't need much, and the quick-absorption is terrific for me as I hate the greasy feeling of sitting around in heavy moisturizer. I might switch back to the cheap stuff in the warmer months when my skin isn't as dry, but for the winter, I expect to be relying on this a lot!

3. Avene Ystheal Eye Gel-Cream: Meet my new favorite eye cream! I've started making my way into the "light" anti-aging products, and an eye cream seemed like a good first step. I'm now on my second tube of this and am presently wondering how I went so long without blogging about it! First of all, don't be afraid of the "gel-cream" part as this is incredibly moisturizing, and it lingers. Meaning, I apply it before bed and I wake up still feeling thoroughly hydrated beneath my eyes, like I put it on not too long ago. The gel-cream really refers to the texture, and not the type of result you get (I tend to associate gel-creams with light, airy hydration whereas this is much more dense). The gel part of the formula is what allows the product to come out through a pump, but it's the cream that packs that heavy dose of moisture. Obviously, they are not two separate components, as it goes on very thin like  a gel but you can tell that it's saturating the area with fabulous hydration. I actually feel it's more moisturizing than my old favorite, the Clinique All About Eyes Rich, and it certainly lasts a lot longer. The anti-aging claims are damn near impossible to see, but even without them, I would still love this product, and expect to be using it for a long time.

 4. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil: With the ridiculous number of hair oils on the market, yet another addition seems absurd, but a few characteristics of this product distinguish it from the rest. Invisible is absolutely the right word here as it's so weightless it almost feels synthetic and as though it won't do much for dry hair (unlike the heavier Macadamia/Moroccan oils). But there's a surprisingly hefty amount of impact in each pump of this product, as it delivers smoothness, hydration, shine, and unbelievable softness with absolutely no change in the feel of the hair. That's not to say that the aforementioned oils make my hair feel heavy, but in comparison, the Bumble and Bumble is just so light while delivering mostly the same benefits. I say mostly because I do think the Macadamia/Moroccan oils provide more hydration and nourishment, so they're better as leave-in treatments whereas this is more of a styling oil. I wouldn't necessarily say you need this if you already have hair oils, but this has become my all-around favorite, since it does everything and feels weightless in my hair, making it the most versatile. 

5. Alba Acne Dote Oil Control Lotion: Since my post on Alba skincare, I've had a few recommendations to try this moisturizer. It's right up my alley: mattifying, acne preventative and inexpensive, and despite the noxious willowbark scent, I wear it a lot. I don't know about fighting acne, but it does absorb quickly and cleanly, leaving me with a comfortable, matte, slightly powdery finish.The problem here is that I can't wear this moisturizer under makuep, as trying to blend my foundation over the top of it instantly causes the lotion to gather and pill in white chunky flakes. Obviously this is a great choice for you if you're oily-skinned and don't wear face makeup, but for me, it's unfortunate that I can't use this everyday. It is, however, my go-to moisturizer on lazy makeup-less days off, and I like to think its (more) natural ingredients help my skin to breathe. 

But of course that could just be in my head!

Exciting NOTW post up next--I'm really loving the color!

Hope you're well!

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