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Friday, October 19, 2012

Guess who got her paws on the OPI James Bond collection?! As it turns out, I had fresh access to the selection having harassed the Ricky's staff so much that no fewer than three associates called to inform me that it had arrived. Shameless!

This collection is unquestionably one of the best OPI has put out lately--Minnie Mouse and Spider-Man were cute and all, but I didn't get excited about them as I did over Bond. This set somehow feels a bit larger than usual, and there's a nice split between your more typical (but no less beautiful shades) and some newer, more unusual hues that I went wild for.

I wound up buying four (The World is Not Enough, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Moonraker, and of course, Live and Let Die). They're all stunning, but it was the last one that had the honor of being first-worn!

L-R: in the order they are listed above

Live and Let Die is sort of the half-typical, half-unusual color of the set, bridging the gap between the two halves of the collection. Hunter green is standard enough to stick it in the first category, but the bright green shimmer also puts it in the second. The result? A very wearable (especially this time of year) but still interesting and dimensional nail polish. This kind of deep forest green is dark enough to count as a neutral, but the green shimmer (as opposed to gold or silver) really kicks it up a notch. I haven't seen too many dark greens that aren't creme finishes, so if you're looking for a forest color with a little more pizazz, give this one a try!

Color aside, one of the main reasons I chose to wear this first was because it had the best formula of the bunch. This is just a first impression, but the other Bond colors I got seemed to be a bit runnier than the typical OPI formula (I'll report back on this when I wear each of them properly). But Live and Let Die has nearly perfect neither-too-thick-nor-too-thin consistency, and opacity was terrific as one coat would have been fine, but I went with two. My full coverage nail polish test is holding up painted nails to the light to see if there are any patchy spots, and Live and Let Die passed beautifully--not a single sheer(ish) area!

One last thought on the Bond collection before we get into my mindless ramblings: that 18K gold topcoat is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, the effect could be very pretty (especially layered over a deep navy blue) but $30 for pieces of gold in a clear nail polish is absurd. I say we just wait for a drugstore/Poor Man's version with some completely fake gold for a no less pretty, but far less offensive topcoat!


  • If you're in the mood to read a stunningly beautiful piece of writing, click here. My high school friend posted it recently, and it actually moved me to tears. So proud of her and her immense talent!
  • My hair has become incredibly oily lately. It always has been, but for the past week or so it's been so extreme that if I wash my hair in the morning, it's greasy that night! I have no idea what to do--please offer tips if you can.
  • What is this I hear about Sephora not having the 20% off Friends and Family sale this year? Apparently they might bring it back, but I can't imagine why they ever thought they could get rid of it without mobs of people rioting with torches and pitchforks. (Or in the 21st century version, bitching endlessly about it on Twitter and Facebook). 
  • Oh, for God's sake.
  • I had to curl my lashes after putting on mascara several times this week, as the humidity wasn't allowing the curl to stay. I thought I had been doing it carefully enough, but quickly noticed eyelashes falling out as I removed my makeup--never doing it again!
  • Is it me, or is Eataly's food not quite as delicious as it used to be? We went for dinner this week and everything was good, of course, but not sensational like I had remembered. Or it might just be that they didn't have the oxtail ragu!
  • It's terrible how much I neglect my skin (and everything else!) when I become really busy. I've been meaning to do a face mask and even a thorough spa night for months now, but with no free time in sight!  

Three posts this week--feeling very pleased with myself! Fingers crossed I can keep it up as the semester gets even busier!

Hope you're well, and have a happy Friday!

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