NOTW: OPI Espresso Your Style!

Friday, October 12, 2012

This very well might be one of the oldest nail polishes I own. I vaguely remember picking it up ages ago at some sketchy beauty shop near Penn Station, and since then I've probably only worn it a few times.

But this just might be a rediscovery! While I find most brown nail polishes to be unflattering, Espresso Your Style! has enough interesting elements to keep it from looking flat and dull. The color base is your standard rich coffee-brown, but the gold shimmer elevates it to a bronze and tones of plum add warmth and dimension. This polish manages to walk the line between adding heaping doses of sparkle and rosy purple and still looking like a brown color, with just a bit more flavor.

This is actually my only brown nail polish (the griege Particuliere wannabes don't count!), but I received quite a few compliments on it this week, and I love the satisfying feeling of such a rich color in the cooler months.

Generally, OPI's formula is just about solid every time, which is why I'm even more disappointed by the unexpected miss. Espresso Your Style! isn't technically a bad formula, but it's just not up to the OPI standards I've come to expect. It's a little too thin, and the result is a nail polish that streaks in the worst way--the kind when each pass of the brush only gives you more patchy lines. It's doable, and my application didn't come out too badly with some careful brush maneuvering, but my nails don't look as smooth as they usually do.

I don't believe I've seen this color on store shelves in ages, so hopefully it's still available if you're interested in it!

  • Picked up some great (and majorly discounted) beauty goodies at Nordstrom Rack earlier this week...even though I originally went there in search of boots!
  • I found my old Topsytail (probably last used when I was in fourth grade) and decided to experiment with it. It went about as well as I thought it would. 
  • As a cold weather aficionado, I'm thrilled with these chilly nights! It's still a little too warm in the day for my taste, but the nighttime temperature is just perfect for snuggling up with cozy sweaters and a good book. Though this kind of cold in October makes me nervous about February...
  • Yes, I actually bought this. And I am unashamed. 
  • Why don't all supermarkets carry Pink Lady apples?!
  • I have reason to believe the staff at Ricky's will strangle me the next time I pop in to "check on" the status of the OPI James Bond collection.
  • I know, I know, another two-post week! I had most of my third post written and ready to go, but I really felt like I needed more time with it. You'll see that on Monday, I promise! Hint: it involves eyebrow threading! 

It's shaping up to be a good post so far, so I'm excited for you all to see it!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You got me all warm and tingly with your talk of apples, cool evenings, sweaters, and all. (-:{

    Give me a Granny Smith, Cripps, or Fuji and I'm a happy teacher. (I like 'em dense, crispy, and tangy.) And oh, those cool fall evenings! Chimney smoke in the air! And changing colors! And cinnamon toast! And cocoa! And...


    1. Glad you're a fellow fall enthusiast. And a teacher--what an honorable profession!