NOTW: Nicole by OPI As Gold As it Gets

Friday, October 5, 2012

What a misnomer!

Oddly enough, there's actually very little gold in As Gold As it Gets--the color is more like a hodge podge of purple, taupe, bronze and gold tones all swirled together. While the result of such color variety could result in something very muddy (and some people might think this is), the mix actually looks complex instead of sloppy. I would say the main color is probably a warm bronze, with all the other shades taking a position in the background--meaning, under different lighting it's a purpley-bronze or a greenish-bronze, or even a goldish-bronze. As Gold As it Gets is faintly similar to one of my favorite nail polishes, Sephora by OPI Already Famous (post), only that one is much more gold--perhaps the names should be switched?

I don't have much experience with Nicole by OPI nail polishes, but this was on the shoddier side of the ones I've tried. It wore just fine, and the pigmentation was okay, but for some reason it streaked terribly and left patchy spots on my nails, even though I did three coats. 

  • There was no NOTW last week, partially because I was busy, but mostly because I wore a polish I've already featured--another one of my favorites, Sephora by OPI Wardrobe Change (post).
  • Speaking of missing blog updates, I'm really trying to get back to my three posts a week. Again, my school and work schedule has made this difficult for me, but two a week doesn't feel like enough, especially if one of them is on a single nail polish. I'm working on it, I promise!
  • I wouldn't typically encourage taking medical advice from a fashion magazine, but this month's issue of Glamour has a wonderfully extensive feature on breast cancer and it's incredibly informative. Please give it a look and pass it along to a friend or two!
  • Call me juvenile, but I almost swooned when I saw the Sephora Cinderella compact. I'm sure I'll find a way to justify the purchase!
  • Booked a brow appointment at a swanky place and I'm embarrassingly excited about it--you know how I am about eyebrow threading! 
  • When is the James Bond OPI collection going to be released?! The colors are exactly the kind of murky, but still interesting shades I love--I'm already planning on purchasing four, which is probably the most I've ever bought from a single collection. 

Next post will either be a comparison between the Real Techniques Expert Face brush and the Sigma Flat Top F80, or a round of product reviews.

Hope you're well!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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