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Friday, October 26, 2012

My friend recently returned from a trip to London and surprised me with a few bottles of Ciate nail polish! He wanted to expand my nail polish love and went out of his way to bring me something U.K. specific that I'd never be able to get my hands on here.

I was so touched, I didn't have the heart to tell him that Ciate is now available at Sephora.

But as always, it's the thought that counts, and the appreciation factor flew through the roof when I first saw what color Superficial is. My friend had quite by accident picked out the perfect teal nail polish I've been hunting for!

As a blue nail polish fanatic, Superficial is just about everything I could want in a nail color. It's blue enough to be interesting and stand out in a sea of more typical colors, but dusky and toned down enough to be worn everyday (even to work!). A creme finish keeps the look clean, and really allows the color to be the central focus without any sparkle or frost overriding the beauty of the hue. I love the simplicity of the effect, but I'm sure it would make a fabulous base for nail art if you wanted to amp it up a bit. 

As much as I love my navy blues, I actually think teal is one of the most universally flattering nail colors. It's that extra splash of green and almost a dusky gray that really lends itself to such wearability, so much so that I tend to regard this color as something of a neutral with a twist. In any case, it hasn't clashed with anything I've worn yet!

In terms of formula (bearing in mind this is the first Ciate polish I've tried), it's a bit reminiscent of Butter London, though slightly thicker in consistency. With both brands, you'll get a sheer, streaky first coat, promptly begin cursing, and then apply a second coat to see beautifully opaque and smooth nails. Superficial went on easily, I had full opacity in two coats, and although the adorable bottle may look unusual, the brush was still easy to maneuver. It's been about four days since I first applied, and it's starting to chip a little at the tips, but that usually happens when my nails are this long (they're practically talons, I tell ya) and I spend a lot of time at the office.

I have yet to see individual Ciate polishes available at Sephora, but they've been for sale online for quite some time now, so it shouldn't be long before we see them in stores. At which point, I'll waste no time finding my next few Ciate nail polishes!

  • While we're talking about Ciate and Sephora (practically live there, don't I?), check out what stellar kits they have out for the holidays! The caviar manicure doesn't last long enough to be worthwhile for me, but the value of both sets is great, as are the colors themselves.
Kit # 1
Kit # 2 (box)
Kit # 2 (contents)
  • This girl standing in front of me on the subway this morning had her hair in the most amazing bun--cool, a bit haphazard, but perfectly fanned out in an, "Oh, this? Oh, I just threw it up on my way out the door," kind of way. And yes, I took a picture of it. 
  • I've come to the conclusion that my scalp's excessive oiliness (ugh, so attractive) must be the result of a hormonal shift, so naturally, I'm trying every shampoo under the sun to remedy the problem. It'll probably work as well as any internal situation attempted to be solved externally. 
  • Hard to say who's winning the cute holiday gift packaging contest--Tarte or Fresh? You tell me!

  • Yes, I reverted back to two posts this week--I'm sorry, but I have midterms and basically every single school assignment due next week, so things will be crazy until next Friday. I've already got all the content planned, though, so if everything goes according to plan, next week will be a three-poster!

Monday's post will be on a new eyeshadow find--the kind I'm already in love with and has me all excited about makeup again. 

Can't wait to share it with you!

Have a lovely weekend!

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