It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us 10/12

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm back with another round of product duds, and this time it's all across the beauty board: hair, skin and makeup!

Sometimes the items that wind up here are simply under-performers, but this particular post contains probably the worst beauty product I've ever encountered.

Let's start with that one!

Do not be fooled!

Sonia Kashuk Goddess Illuminating Bronzer: Yes, I bought it because of the name. That, and because the sample compact had the most beautiful sheen that none of my near-matte bronzers have. I was thrilled with the idea of using a big fluffy brush with some goddess bronzer and getting radiant skin. I eagerly dove in when I first got home, and emerged with Oompa Loompa face. This isn't a bronzer, people, this is orange. Not orange-y, not a really warm brown, it's like a slightly broiled tangerine. I can't imagine what color your skin would have to be to actually use this and look natural with it on. 

Ooh, pretty, right?

When swatched heavily (and in the pan), it simply looks like a warm and shimmery bronze, however, the instant you try to blend, out come the orange tones. Even the finish is unflattering and unnatural, as it's not just pearly or sparkly--this is a straight up metallic. 

Obviously, I don't wear eyeshadow like this...

It's impossible to use as a bronzer, so I tried it as eyeshadow next, and while the concentrated color is pretty, again, the blended version was purely pumpkin. And as if all that wasn't bad enough, I just read that the product is not safe for the eye area. This was chucked right after I took its picture. 

Brow Perfection Brow Building System: This is simply bizarre. Why would you have two eyebrow gels in the same wand, when one of them is colored and the other is clear? Aside from the strange concept, the clear gel is actually perfectly fine and keeps my brows in place without making them stiff or crunchy. But it's the infinitely more useful tinted side that has the real problems. The brown gel is surprisingly well pigmented, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your brow needs, but the direct result is that you have to be a lot more careful with applying it. The wand tends to collect too much product, and then you've got incredibly intense and crunchy eyebrows. Normally when I use a tinted gel, I like to use the tip of the wand to go over the edges of my brows, but I can't with this--there's simply too much product on the point. I'll keep this for the clear side, but I don't expect to use the brown side. Brow gels are designed to quickly brush through and polish your brows, but I'm afraid the tinted one is more trouble than it's worth. 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15: My mom stole my daily SPF 15 moisturizer a while back, so she gave me this one instead. I feel like Neutrogena's products are split into two categories: the prettily packaged stuff that everyone knows and uses (the acne wash in all scents and colors) and the stuff in crappy packaging on the different shelf that no one really uses. This product falls under that second category. Typically, I would think Neutrogena would make a good moisturizer for my oily skin (they're all about the oil-free), but this stuff is all wrong. It's not particularly heavy, but is very greasy and generally unpleasant to feel on the skin, like it's an especially slimy SPF 100. I really don't know how this only contains SPF 15, as the entire lotion smells of sunscreen and it even gives me a bit of a whiteish cast. I'm willing to put up with certain unpleasantries for the benefits of high factor sunscreen, but I won't deal with them for a meager SPF 15!

Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Body Me Volume Serum: I'm always looking for something to give me good volume at the roots, and I thought anything from the OSIS+ line was sure to be a winner. I don't know if my problem is that I picked something that only had medium control, or if I'm just used to the bodifying nature of mousses, but this does next to nothing for my roots. After a blow dry, they feel a bit thicker and may have a smidge more texture, but there's little to no noticeable volume. I've tried it in the lengths of my hair as well, and there was more of a fattening effect, but it was really nothing to write home about. I'll probably force myself to use it up, but I'm still desperate for some root volumizing product, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I don't particularly like doing negative reviews so I'm looking forward to writing a whole slew of positive ones!

Hope you're having a great week!

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