Worth Every Penny: My Holy Grail Shu Uemura Moisturizer

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We all know skincare in general is nothing to scrimp on, but that goes double for me when it comes to moisturizer. Cleansers wash down the drain, any type of toner does pretty much the same thing, but it's moisturizer that sinks into the skin, hydrates and protects it through the night. (Honestly, moisturizer is so sacred to me that I force myself to sleep on my back, facing up, so none of it rubs off on my pillowcase and gets wasted. Pathetic, but true).

Still, before this product, I never could have fathomed spending $75 on a moisturizer. I've used drugstore skincare for ages and it has always worked just fine for me.

Enter the Shu Uemura (is anyone surprised?) Red:Juvenus Vitalizing Retexturing Facial Emulsion, and I suddenly saw the difference between cheap and expensive moisturizers. The ultimate goal is to hydrate the face, which both types will definitely do, but expensive products go above and beyond--they are a joy, thrill and pleasure to put on, whereas the cheaper stuff simply gets the job done. Not to mention that in all likelihood (but with a few exceptions), the pricier products tend to contain more valuable and beneficial ingredients to better look after your face.

In this case, Shu's entire Red:Juvenus line is geared towards light anti-aging--meaning, it's supposed to help retain elasticity and protect against environmental stress. And while I'm regurgitating the information that came with the product, the prime ingredient here is Amalaki, which is a valued herb for (you guessed it) rejuvenating the skin.  This is actually new information to me, as I first fell in love with this moisturizer through a generous sample I received with a Shu order. I knew nothing about its claims, and even then, I felt that it refined (retexturize is a bit of a stretch) my skin.

Obviously, anti-aging claims are hard--if not impossible--to see, but it's really the texture of this product that's unbelievable. The lotion is deliciously light and cushy and is just gorgeous to apply. Silky-smooth, the product sinks in nicely while still leaving me feeling thoroughly hydrated. Just one pump (great packaging) is enough to do my whole face, though I sometimes need a smidge more for my neck.

I don't know if it's the Amalaki or some other magical Japanese ingredient, but this stuff simply makes my skin and face look better. My skin looks all plumped and fresh, as though all of my facial cells have been flooded with hydration, and I feel like I wake up glowing, no matter how little sleep I get. That might seem like such a simple thing, but I really notice the difference when I use this, particularly if my skin is kind of splotchy to begin with. I've heard moisturizers make beautifying claims before, but this is the first time I see real results. 

Deluxe sample!

The moisture content of the emulsion should suit most people (normal, combo/oily) but for anyone with dry skin, Shu also does a Red:Juvenus cream and night cream. I've had samples of both, and they are just as beautiful as the emulsion, only richer and denser. The night cream, in fact, is probably the most luxurious moisturizer I've ever tried, and my mother (who unashamedly stole it from me) completely agrees.

All in all, I actually think $75 is an acceptable price for this elixir, especially considering how long it lasts. Between the texture, the effect it has on my skin, and the out-of-this-world smell, I don't ever want to be without this. In fact, if I use any other moisturizer before bed, I wind up unsatisfied and missing my Red:Juvenus terribly. 

This is yet another Shu product that has a concrete place on my vanity, and it's just another reason why Shu Uemura is my favorite beauty brand. I've never had a bad experience with any of their products, and there are some (like this one) that are just incredible.

Bless you, Uemura-san.

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