Worth Every Penny?: AmLactin Body Lotion

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The short answer?

Yes, every single penny.

I know I've mentioned this product a few times now, but every time I use it I'm so pleased with the results that it demanded its own post. Believe me, I almost didn't buy this when I saw the $25 price tag (I'm strictly a $5 body lotion girl), but my dermatologist recommended it to me, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Now the unusual thing about this product is that I'm not recommending it as a typical-use body lotion, which makes the price even more ridiculous, since you're paying for another moisturizer on top of the one you already use. But this isn't just your typical body lotion--it's like a magic allover problem solver for scaly and/or discolored skin.

My dermatologist told me it was good for my dry and hyperpigmented elbows--you know, how your elbows look like they have little dark patches? Nothing makes me feel more dirty and generally gross, and after trying every remedy (from sliced raw potatoes to white vinegar) I was confident this wouldn't work either. Still, I applied it once or twice a day to my unsightly elbows, and sure enough, in just a couple of weeks, my elbows returned to normal skin tone. I had a touch of darkness in my underarms as well (are you jealous yet?) and AmLactin worked the same miracle there, though in even faster time. 

By that point I'd noticed how the bottle bragged about being dermatologist and podiatrist recommended, so I decided to give it a go on my feet. I suffer from chronically dry feet, and that first night, they were cracked, flaky and peeling. I slathered on the AmLactin, slipped on some socks, and was absolutely awestruck when I woke up to completely non-scaly feet. There was still a mild touch of dryness, but all the dead skin was inexplicably gone, and my soles were practically smoothed over. I had never seen such quick results before, even when I slathered my feet in my thickest and most expensive body butter!

The new packaging

As you might have worked out by now, AmLactin contains lactic acid--a chemical exfoliant--which allows it to eat away at dead skin while intensely moisturizing. It's almost like cellular turnover/regeneration for your skin, as after rubbing this into cracked soles, I wake up to brand new feet.

But for anyone tempted to put this magic stuff all over their body, let me stop you right there. While the texture of the lotion itself is reasonably thin, there's a real heaviness to it--as though each molecule is packed with weight. You only need the smallest amount to saturate the skin, and even the tiniest bit too much will take forever to sink in (if it ever does). However, if you regard this as a special treatment product, and apply only a small amount to specific areas in need, you absolutely will not believe the results. 

I've never known anything to target such frustrating problems (skin discoloration, severe dryness) so quickly, and is also so accessible--check your drugstores! I've only been using AmLactin for a few months, and it's already an absolutely vital part of my bodycare.

I say put the price tag out of your mind on this one, and give it a try! 

Look for it on the lowest shelf (which no one ever pays attention to) at your drugstores!

Hope you're well!

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  1. thanks for your review i might buy it now