NOTW: Zoya Ray

Friday, September 7, 2012

Look, it's my other hand!
My first Zoya polish!

I'm not familiar with the brand, but from the little I know, they use a formula with fewer chemicals--specifically, a formaldehyde, toulene, dibutyl, phthalate, and camphor-free formula. No idea what any of those things are, but of course, I'm always happy when there are fewer chemical nasties in my beauty products! (On that note, apparently Benefit's Benetint contains heavy metals?! Please do some research and take caution if you use it!). 

I've only ever seen Zoya nail polishes at Ulta, and for some reason or another have never been particularly attracted to them. I definitely appreciate their consciousness of ingredients, but unlike Butter London (another brand that uses fewer chemicals), Zoya colors have never struck me as especially unusual or interesting. 

But while Ray is not extraordinary, it is unquestionably a beautiful color--the kind of deeply rich shade I crave more and more as the weather gets cooler. A glorious hunter green, along the lines of Essie's Stylenomics, it's halfway between a creme and shimmer finish, so let's call it a frost. I don't know if you can see the fine shimmery effect in the picture, but it doesn't read as flat as a solid creme would. (Stylenomics is a creme, I believe, so the color is where that comparison ends!). 

As much as I enjoy this deep green, I don't think I'll be buying more Zoya polishes, unless I come across a striking shade. The pigmentation is great, and I haven't had any wearing yet, but it went on very streaky, and I had to go over certain areas several times. Of course, if you have any favorite Zoya colors, let me know and I'll check them out next time I'm in Ulta!


  • This was my first official "back to school/work" week and I absolutely loved it. I'm busier than ever, but my schedule is wonderfully spaced out, and I feel more productive than I've been in ages--such a satisfying feeling! Really hoping this isn't just a honeymoon phase!
  • I've started using a diffuser attachment to free-blow dry my hair (meaning no brushes) and there's definitely less frizz and poofiness to deal with, but I feel like it doesn't add waves or volume. Am I using it wrong, or do diffusers not give as much curl as they promise?
  • Have devoted a notebook to ideas/scribbles for blog posts--three pages are already filled for my upcoming comparison review on drugstore dry shampoos. Watch this space!
  • Found the sweetest beret to hide greasy roots when I'm too lazy even for dry shampoo keep me warm this winter. I'll be making a visit to Topshop soon, once the Fashion Week hysteria dies down and it's possible to get a cab in the middle of the day again!

Hope your September started off as well as mine!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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