Mascara Experimentation: Maybelline Cat Eyes vs. Classic Volume

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is it me, or has Maybelline been churning out the eye products lately?

Their Cat Eyes Colossal Volume mascara is the newest in the recent addition of eye makeup, from limited edition color tattoo shades to highlighting eyeshadow palettes. You know how finicky my eyelashes are (straight, fine, wispy, and easily uncurled) so typically drugstore mascaras are out of the question, but Maybelline One By One works for me, so I thought I'd try my luck once again! 

The unusual thing about this particular mascara experimentation post is that both these mascaras are meant for volume, and it's the volumizing formulas that I tend to avoid. I like my mascaras to be drier, curling and defining, and volumizing mascaras tend to be wetter, thickier, and weigh my lashes down which causes the curl to fall out. (In case you're new to these parts, my biggest concern with mascara is that it must, must retain the curl). 

Let's start with the Cat Eyes!

Here we go, right eye, naked and droopy, curled with my one and only Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

A coat of leopard-print mascara, and....

Not bad, especially for a volumizing formula! Obviously the curl hasn't held very well, but there's a surprising feathery effect that you don't typically see with goopier volumizing mascaras. I actually think this is what the Maybelline Mega Plush gel formula mascara was supposed to be--thickening and voluminous without being clumpy or heavy in texture. There's a real sense of lightness here, and even though the product is pulling out the curl, I don't feel like it weighs down my eyelashes. Remember, my eyelashes are finer and wispier than most, so this might have a better effect on sturdier (read: normal) lashes. 

As for the cat eye shtick, that has more to do with the wand than the actual product formulation. The packaging promises "full and spiked" corner lashes, which you're supposed to get with the tip of the curved brush. I don't especially care for curved mascara wands, and I find that feature unnecessary here. If you want to pay particular attention to your corner lashes, just give them an extra flick with your usual mascara--you really don't need a special curved wand. 

Maybelline really wanted to tease us, huh?

Even if this worked brilliantly for me, I couldn't wear this everyday, since the formula is "washable." I almost always use waterproof since it smudges less on me, but this is a far cry from even a non-waterproof formula. To remove this stuff, simply wet your fingers and rub your lashes a bit--it really just melts off. That might be great for anyone who hates hard-to-remove mascara, but I need something more long-wearing. Definitely one to avoid if you think you'll be crying!

On to the Classic Volume!

Honestly, what drew me to this mascara was the packaging. Specifically, the color of the packaging. For many illogical reasons, the deep navy blue tube simply drew me in and I just had to have it. That's probably the silliest reason I've ever had to buy a makeup product!

Again, here we are, naked and curled eyelashes...

One coat of the Classic Volume, and...

A solid win for Maybelline! I can't believe that the second drugstore mascara that successfully holds a curl in my lashes has been on the market for years and I'd never tried it! Classic Volume is one of those mascaras that you don't really hear much about, and after a few days of using this, I can't imagine why. It's an all-around winner for me as it keeps that curl locked in place, darkens and defines my lashes, and even gives them some extra thickness. This is way ahead of One by One, as that doesn't make the most of my lashes and plump them up as Classic Volume does. Basically, it's the difference between a mascara that works and a mascara that works very well. 

I'm especially surprised because C.V. is probably as traditional as a mascara can possibly get. The wand is nothing special, the formulation is middle-of-the-road (neither too wet or especially dry), and it simply promises volume and not a whole host of other benefits. I never would have guessed that such a seemingly ordinary mascara could do so well with my stubborn, extremely particular eyelashes. 

I'm not yet able to compare Classic Volume to my ultimate Holy Grail mascara Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural, (at some point I'll do a post comparing all the mascaras that work for me), but I'm so thrilled there's a great mascara for me available at the drugstore. 

I can't tell you what a comfort it is to know I can still have beautiful lashes without having to place an order online!

I know Classic Volume doesn't look as splashy and fancy as the other mascaras in the makeup aisle, but  just give it a chance! You won't be sorry!

Keep it up, Maybelline, and I might have to stop calling Revlon "my favorite drugstore makeup brand"!

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