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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I have this strange attraction to the Tarte makeup line that always draws me to their section of Sephora. I'm not sure if it's all the exotic ingredient marketing (maracuja oil and amazonian clay, anyone?), but my experience with them started with the fabulous LipSurgence lip stains and I've gone on to discover that I rarely have a "miss" with the brand.

My small collection of Tarte products is random, so this is more of a bits-and-pieces post. I'll start with the most recent acquisition:



Double-Ended Eye Brightener: For someone with droopy eyes, this sounded like a terrific product to me: a two-sided wand with each end containing gold or silver shimmery color to perk up those inner corners. It's exactly the type of fuss-free makeup I love, almost made for lazy girls like myself. The gold side is marked "day" and the silver "night", which I would definitely agree with, and both are ideal shimmery brighteners, but I can't get over the packaging. The entire tube feels so flimsy, cheap and poorly constructed, almost like you could easily snap it in half. Inner corner highlights never stay too long on me, but while this one definitely fades throughout the day, the integrity of the product will remain. (Meaning, while it won't be as pigmented as it was when you first put it on, there'll still be visible gold shimmer hours later).

Not my finest picture...

Inner Rim Emphaseyes: I've already reviewed this briefly here, so I'll just go over the basics. This is one of those beigey-pink pencils to run on the lower waterline for bigger, brighter-looking eyes. Staying power isn't terrific, (it lasts about five hours on me, but I always have longevity problems on my waterline). It's the most natural of this type of pencil I've used, including Stila Kajal in Topaz and Benefit Eye Bright. But what I like best is how (warning: gross) it doesn't turn the eye boogers little pieces of crud in my tearducts whiteish. That sounds ridiculous, but all the aforementioned pencils did that to me, so it's something I'm a bit sensitive to.

Maracuja Creaseless Concealer: I know, everyone and their mother has already talked about this concealer, so I'll try and keep it quick. This is definitely the highest coverage concealer in my collection, and it's easily the tackiest as well. The consistency is a bit thick (the amount I use for both circles is absurd--we're talking about the tiniest dot) but it can be tricky to blend. I got this from the Tarte website and it came with a free brush, and that's how I like to spread this around. I typically don't fuss with brushes when it comes to blending under-eye concealer, but this one is so thick that I do a patting motion (with my fingers) to get the product down and then blend with the brush. On me, the creaseless claim is false, as I had creasing under both eyes, but a quick wipe/finger-blend and the creases didn't come back. The key thing with this product is setting with powder. The concealer is so tacky and moisturizing that it leaves a considerable sheen under the eyes (which I actually like since it's almost luminous that way) but in order to withstand humidity and prevent eye makeup from transferring, you need to powder. In terms of staying power, this holds up alright, but I find that it doesn't look as good at the end of the day as something like Bourjois Healthy Mix, which I love for under the eyes. That, plus how high maintenance this product is, means I don't often reach for it day-to-day, but the coverage is terrific for those late nights.

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed: This is more of a "my two cents" type thing, since this blush has been talked about to death. Color-wise, yes, it's perfect for everyday wear since it goes with virtually anything, but I don't think the formula is all it's hyped up to be. On my extremely oily skin (especially this time of year) it doesn't have terrific staying power. There's still color on my cheeks at the end of the day, but I don't notice any difference in longevity compared to my other blushes. Pigmentation is solid here, though, so I'd recommend using a stippling brush or something that'll pick up less product (like the Real Techniques blush brush).

Shade is "swank"

Lipsurgence Lip Tints: Again, I'll summarize since you already know how much I love these. The most hydrating lip stains I've ever come across, these are minty, incredibly pigmented and stay put all day without sucking the moisture out of your lips. Next to the Revlon Kissable Balm stains, these are considerably more expensive, but are also more comfortable to wear than the waxier Revlon ones.

This post was originally only going to be on the eye brightener and the concealer since those were the two newest things and I'd had the others for ages, but I thought I'd do them all at once. 

Next post will either be another Products I've Used Up (really proud of myself!) or one on my favorite drugstore concealers. 

Hope you're well!

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