Post-Getaway Beauty Recovery + Pictures From My Trip!

Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm back!

It's been a long ten days but I'm thrilled to be home and blogging again--I really missed it! Admittedly, I'm probably not 100% "back" since this post is a bit of a write-off, but between unpacking and a pile of work to catch up on, I'm more than a little disoriented.

My cousin and I spent the past week and a half at Disney World, Universal Studios and New Orleans for a quick summer getaway and now that I'm home, I really feel like my face and body need some revamping. I can't quite say we were roughing it, since we actually stayed at some lovely hotels, but it was one of those busy, lots-to-do type trips as opposed to lounging on a beach for ten days. Long days and entirely too-early mornings left us shattered, so there wasn't really much energy for my usual high-maintenance beauty routine. Most days I just wore sunscreen, since putting on makeup was fruitless in the absurd Southern humidity, and my normally elaborate skincare routine was pared down to the basics: cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer.

The low maintenance regimen was perfectly fine while I was away, but now that I'm home after ten days of intense sun exposure and frigid flights it's time for some serious--and very welcome--pampering. I've done this type of beauty recovery/spa day once or twice before, but the products I use tend to get changed out a lot. For today's indulgences, I'll be using a mixture of items I already love as well as some samples to try out.

Skincare: A hectic schedule, sun exposure, and late bedtimes have left my face a bit of a mess. My complexion (which was never great) is looking dull and almost gray, and I'm worried all the sun I got will make my dark spots and acne scars even worse. These are all relatively easy fixes, though, as some facial treatments should do the trick, but it's my under-eye area that took the most damage. Even with the eye cream I brought with me, I swear the thin skin beneath my eyes got even thinner and considerably darker in the short time I was gone. Don't worry, the fixes here are sure to make more appearances on my blog!

Nails: I'm lucky to have quite strong and healthy nails, but they're looking particularly yellow at the moment. I used to use the "buff your nails with a lemon wedge" method (with no noticeable results) until I recently heard about brushing your nails with whitening toothpaste! I wish I could remember where I read it, since it's such a genius tip that I absolutely love doing. Not only does it feel really good, but it gets the nails incredibly clean. If you like unpainted but buffed and healthy nails, or do your own manicures, this is a must-do! (Though I would follow it up with a bit of hand cream). 

Haircare: My hair is actually in decent condition, though it's more parched toward the ends. Our trip involved a lot of swimming in all sorts of water (chlorine pools, freshwater and saltwater) but since I don't think they make a hair treatment for such variety--or do they?--I'll have to make do with what I have. And since eyelashes are hair too, mine are feeling like they need some TLC. No doubt the product of swimming in all that salt/chlorine or applying and rubbing off waterproof mascara. My lashes just feel dry at the tips, though, so I'll skip growth serums (which go on the lashline) and just go with a bit of Vaseline smeared onto the ends.

Bodycare: Alternating between the extremes of high humidity and heat to freezing cold and drying airplanes has left my skin in definite need of hydration. But it's still summer (the hottest month of the year, no less) and I really don't feel like slathering on a greasy body butter. My feet could also use some attention, as I swear my heels look almost weather-beaten(!). I should probably do a whole post on this, but my dermatologist recently recommended AmLactin for my dry elbows and it's truly terrific. It really tackles any dry and rough spots in my skin, and it makes a lot more difference in my cracked feet than the thickest body butter ever did. That's actually what I like best about this product--it's moisturizing enough to quench the driest of skin but surprisingly lightweight in consistency so I won't feel like I'm wearing a layer of film in August. Some of this stuff rubbed all over, a pair of cotton socks and I expect to wake up to refreshed skin!

There's really nothing like an all-out day of pampering, is there? It's especially nice to do after a long grind of work, though in my case it was more like a long grind of exploring and eating!

My cousin and I did fairly typical things in DisneyWorld and Universal Studios (go on rides and take pictures of buildings and characters that you've seen a million times) so I won't put in too many of those. New Orleans was really interesting, however, and true to form, the majority of the pictures taken during our stay consist of food. But you knew that, didn't you? =)


New Orleans!

On to the good stuff....the food!

Eggs benedict with fried oysters

Bananas foster french toast



Krispy Kreme bread pudding

Hard though it is to believe, I somehow lost half a pound during our trip! (Must have been the combination of oozing sweat and tedious walking).

I'm off to continue my day of pure laziness and indulgent pampering!

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite spa day-type products and tricks!

Hope you're well!


  1. I recently started shopping at The Face Shop in Koreatown, and the one-time use masks that run about $2 a piece are wonderful for a post-travel spa day. I was introduced to the store by a friend with oily breakout-prone skin, so I was a bit skeptical as I have extremely dry and sensitive skin....I didn't think a store that catered to her needs could come close to meeting mine. However, I have been very pleasantly surprised. All the masks I purchased have been wonderful, and I plan to try one of their under-eye circle patches this week. I, too, get the dreaded dark circles under my eyes after travel and little sleep, and since I'm very fair in complexion, I'm hoping these patches can keep me from looking like someone punched me in the face.

    1. the one-time use sheet masks? i've never been to the face shop but i'll definitely check it out next time i'm in the mood for korean! i LOVE sheet masks. nearly included one in the post, but figured i'd focus on more long-term treatments like serums. have you ever tried doing a mask in-flight, by the way? seems strange, but on longer flights it feels incredible!

      $2 each also sounds amazing since the my beauty diary ones i like are usually more expensive. thanks for the tip!

      did you try the eye patches yet? i love these klorane ones but i've also tried really cool heated ones (i know it sounds strange) from Taiwan and they were great too.

  2. Yes, they're the one-time use sheet masks, which I had never tried before. I'm not sure why I had never tried them, but now I LOVE the one-time use sheet masks. My skin doesn't always like masks as I get that wonderful burning sensation, but my skin has been adoring these. I have yet to try them on a flight, but I really wish I had had one yesterday while stuck on a 7 hour train ride. I'll have to keep these in mind for my next trip....

    I haven't tried the eye patches yet, but I'm thinking this week would be a good time to do so as I have been very tired, and my eyes show it.