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Friday, August 31, 2012

You wouldn't think so, but this is a shockingly unique nail polish. I bought it on the spot, thinking that I had finally found a dupe for MAC Soiree (limited edition from their 2009 Cham-Pale collection). It looked virtually the same in the bottle--the frosted, metallic finish and gorgeous rosy pinkness with some gold warmth. But when I got home and eagerly slapped it on, it was immediately obvious that Super Nova shares the same finish as Soiree, but the color is completely off. MAC Soiree, like any rose gold, is obviously very warm gold and pink, but Super Nova is more like a silver, cool-toned, dirty plum.

Yes, plum! It's truly unlike anything I have in my embarrassingly large nail polish collection. It's actually the slightly muddy, bronzey aspect of this color that makes it so interesting, as you can never really tell if it's flashing cool or warm toned. Sometimes it looks like a silvery-purple akin to Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee (post), and then it flashes more bronze, almost like Sephora by OPI Almost Famous (post), and occasionally it looks like a more taupe version of MAC Soiree.

I was so sure they would be dupes!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm thrilled with this color, since it bears such similarities to some of my absolute favorite nail polishes! It's always nice when an inexpensive brand does something more original, isn't it? I've mentioned before that Sinful Colors has an extremely strong nail polish scent but the typically noxious smell seemed lessened in this one, so maybe it varies by specific bottles.

Lately I've been more into buying cheap nail polishes as given the size of my collection, it's ridiculous to spend very much on a single one. (Which of course means it's only a matter of time until I feature a new, hideously expensive Chanel polish!). But I can feel a Sinful Colors obsession coming on, especially if they keep churning out colors like this! Incredibly cheap and accessible with solid formula and pigmentation, they're a lot better than some far more expensive Sephora by OPI polishes.

  • This was a week. Started preparing for my internship, officially began the school year, and got my wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. Having four teeth ripped out of my mouth has made me a touch crankier than usual, but my little cousins brightened up my day with an adorable card!
  • After 10 days of stalking my drugstores, I finally found the limited edition Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoos! Already in love with Barely Beige and Rich Mahogany!
  • I've been filling in my brows a little more than usual, and am really liking the look. The color is just a smidge light for me, but I think I prefer it that way, since it allows me to wear my brows fuller without them looking too intense. Post on drugstore brow products coming soon!
  • Was going to do that blog TAG!: How Much is Your Face Worth?, but started mentally calculating the cost of my made-up face, and was too embarrassed to actually publish the results! =/
  • One week without prescription-strength acne medication, and so far my face is doing okay fending for itself. I think I'll still add some acne treatment products (like maybe a cleanser) into my skincare routine, though, just as a precaution. 

That's all for now, since I'm having to prop my eyelids open as I type!

Haul post coming up next!

Have a glorious weekend!

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