NOTW: Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams

Saturday, July 14, 2012

As much as I like the Sinful Colors formula (as well as their cheap prices!) I've never really been attracted to their color selection. I find that they're all either a) colors I already own, or b) colors I would never wear. Admittedly, given the size of my nail polish stash, a is true of most nail polish brands. But generally I've never found their colors to be particularly interesting, until Sweet Dreams caught my eye last week.

Sort of a teal-ish, robin's egg blue with silver shimmer, Sweet Dreams is very faintly reminiscent of OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam! (post) but of course, a much brighter color. 

I tend to have mixed opinions on nail polishes like these, where the shimmer isn't full-on glitter, but is so subtle you'd have to get quite up close to detect it. Sometimes I love the added interest that would save the color from being a regular cream finish, but sometimes I think it makes the polish look uneven and not entirely smooth. 

In Sweet Dreams's case, it's a bit of both. I definitely like the silver shimmer, but it also makes my nails look a little blotchy and I don't mind it too much, though, since this color is a bit unusual and would also look great on toes, when I'm bold enough for blue toenails!

I believe this is part of a recently launched Sinful Colors collection, so if you go looking for this, it may not be with the brand's usual colors!


  • Had no idea she had a book out! I've never tried the Cleanse and Polish, (also known as the cleanser every woman in the UK uses) but I've experimented with my share of knock-offs and quite liked the idea behind them. I only skimmed the book, but she's clearly big on plants and vitamins and it's because of the few pages I read that I'm now taking Vitamin D. Thanks, Liz!
  • Getting tremendously excited about my upcoming trip to New Orleans! I've already watched The Princess and the Frog twice this week, and keep pausing to drool over the animated beignets (lol). 
  • I made a thrilling purchase this week. It's beautiful and kind of extravagant, but I have no regrets. You'll hear all about it on Monday!
  • Visited my cousin a little while ago, and I'm already missing this face.
  • Went to see that Czech film, Daisies, last night. Maybe it's because I'm not artsy or avant-garde enough, but I have no idea what the hell it was about. 
  • My skin is almost over the sensitivity phase! There's just a bit of redness that wouldn't normally be there, but apart from that, I think my face is back to normal. I'll still be cautious with what I put on it, though.
  • Finally cashed in my 500 points at Sephora in exchange for the Caudalie kit. I swear, they had that Sephora by OPI base coat/top coat set running forever. If I've spent $500 at Sephora(!), my reward better be something good!
  • Went to dinner in Brooklyn last night and somehow stumbled upon a street fair/carnival. It was the unexpected perfect ending to our night--daiquiris, live music, and of course, a spin on the ferris wheel.

Hope you're all well and enjoying the weekend!

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  1. Your hands are so pretty... you make every polish look good! lol You'd probably look great after running a summertime marathon. I'm jealous. :(