NOTW: Butter London Lovely Jubbly

Friday, July 27, 2012

I just mentioned this in last week's NOTW and stumbled upon the very polish at Ricky's while searching for Lillibet's Jubilee (post) for my friend. This is definitely the loudest glitter polish I own, even beating out the likes of OPI Teenage Dream and Nicole by OPI Nicole's Nickel (post). The glitter isn't particularly large, but the bright purple, blue and yellow colors make this polish a bit more in-your-face. (When my dad saw it, he asked me what clown had died and left me his nail polish). But I love it, despite (or maybe because of) its circus-like coloring--it's especially gorgeous in the sunlight! Definitely unusual, and a great way to use nail polish as a bold and interesting accessory.

We can hardly talk about Butter London polishes without bringing up formula, and this is another exceptional one. But be warned: the first coat is ridiculously sheer to the point where I cursed myself for buying what I thought was another topcoat. Have a little faith, though, as the second coat is perfectly beautifully opaque and your nails will look like you've just dipped them in the multicolored glitter.

As with most glitters this thick, the finish is a bit rough in texture. If you're not typically a top coat person, you'll want to use one as the glitter tends to catch and snag on clothing. I prefer a thicker one to smooth out the finish, but there's no need to run out and buy one--really anything will do. On that note, when you eventually remove this stuff, don't even try the standard cotton balls method. Just soak the nails in a bowl of remover and then wipe a little with a cotton pad (they shed less). I've heard felt soaked in remover works well too, but I don't know how many people have bits of felt on hand--I certainly don't!

I'm not entirely sure why this is part of their Fall/Winter collection since I don't get what's so autumnal about it, but I adore it just the same. This could be a bit too much on longer nails, so I'm glad I cut my talons earlier this week. I'm actually leaving this weekend for a week-long trip, and I think I'll wear this during my getaway! I was originally going to get my first gel manicure, but glitters wear extremely well and hold up terrifically against chipping so what could be better? Plus, we're going to Disney World, Universal Studios, and New Orleans, so glitter and bright colors feel very appropriate! =)

  • The Intouchables came out across the U.S. today! It's absolutely terrific (the best movie I've seen in a while) so go see it!
Not entirely sure posting a picture of a newspaper article is legal...
  • The FT did a really interesting article (link) on international makeup and nail polish trends. Their snippet on New York says we're big on natural-looking makeup and unusual nail colors--I'd have to agree! And apparently, OPI's three most popular colors in the U.S. are Tickle my France-y, Big Apple Red and Bubble Bath. I'm not surprised, considering I have all three of them!
  • I'm back in an obsessive headband phase. The last two I bought are honestly too embarrassing to show, let alone wear outside the apartment. 
  • I'm thinking it's time for a project 10 pan, as I had to buy another set of clear plastic drawers (post) to hold all my makeup. The Container Store currently has them on sale for $9 each, so if you want one, now's the time!
  • Happy day! My acne has almost cleared up, and now I'm just working with a tonnage of marks and scars. Not great, but a lot better than where I was a few weeks ago! 
  • Since it'll be boiling hot and intensely humid during my little trip, the makeup I'm taking is very minimal. A few different shades of concealer (to mix in the likely event that I get some color), powder, eyeliner and mascara. See, I can be low maintenance!

This will be the last post until I return from the trip, so I'll be on about a week-long hiatus!

A lot of product reviews will be up when I get back--expect to see a post on some Tarte items and another on some amazing under-eye patches!

Until then!

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  1. Have a wonderful trip. (: All the best.