It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us 7/12

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sorry for being a bit behind my usual blogging schedule, but I just finished up my summer classes and had a whole flurry of paperwork and assignments to turn in. That's pretty much the last of my serious work for the summer, so there shouldn't be any more blogging interruptions!

I'm back today with another installment of reviews on products that didn't work for me. This particular IJDWOBU (God, even the acronym is long!) is a bit more well-rounded, so hopefully you'll find something of interest!

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm: I really like Avene skincare (especially their cleanser/toner system for oily skin) but this lip balm isn't for me. I love that it's in a stick/lipstick bullet packaging, but I can't get past the scent and consistency. It smells very strongly of cold cream and all things grandma, and that transfers to a plasticky taste in my mouth whenever I wear this (a lot like the "taste" of NARS lip glosses). If you're not fussy about scent or that plastic, lipsticky taste, this would theoretically be great to apply before a cold winter's day (it's summer, Leili!), but it makes your lips look terrible. Even a little of this stuff makes your pucker turn white, and it clings to dry patches and dead skin like you would not believe. Normally, a good thick balm is exactly what I need, but this one just feels like it's sitting on the surface of my lips, no matter how many times I rub them together. Apart from wintertime emergencies, I really can't imagine myself using this. 

Shade is Coral Reef

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush: I hunted my drugstores like a madwoman for these, and when I finally got my paws on them, wound up being sorely disappointed. Don't get my wrong, these definitely work as blushes, but there's something incredibly off-putting about the formula. Swirling my finger in the pot doesn't make me think "cream blush," it makes me think "waxy, synthetic, chemical-y substance." The texture is just so slippy and almost powdery that it doesn't feel remotely like a proper cream or gel product. There doesn't seem to be any moisture content to it at all--it really feels like a siliconey powder. For me, the biggest appeal of cream blushes is that they're multi-taskers, perfect for cheeks or lips. Again, as a blush it wears well and applies smoothly, but my suspicions of the funky formula were confirmed when I tried it on my lips. It basically felt like a waxy powder, and the product clung horribly to all the nooks and crannies and made my mouth look parched. I think I could make myself use this up, but only if I apply it to the cheeks with a brush, so I never have to actually touch the cringe-worthy formula.

Davines Rebalancing Sebum Control Shampoo: I've always thought this Italian brand of haircare products to be underrated, as every product I've tried from them so far I've really enjoyed. But this shampoo broke that streak. My typically oily scalp gets even greasier this time of year (to the point where I contemplate washing it every day) and I thought this would be a good solution. Unfortunately, I have seen absolutely no change in my hair's oiliness and the amount of dry shampoo I need to use to cover it up. It just doesn't seem to do anything for me, which would be one thing, but it also leaves my roots feeling like hard, stiff straw. I'm sure that's all part of the sebum control thing, but it basically makes combing out my hair impossible unless I throw in some detangler or conditioning agent, and I don't like putting those things near the top of my head. I'll try mixing it with some other shampoos, but overall, this product does more harm than good. 

Physician's Formula Eye Booster in Deep Brown: I used to be a bit afraid of liquid liner, but this is the kind of packaging and pen that would make even the clumsiest hands fearless. The chunky and short pen gives you total control, and the tip is easy to work with, but both the color and formula are wrong for me. Liquid liner is generally more long-wearing, but this one gets smudged constantly, whether you have an itch around your eyelids, or are simply trying to curl your eyelashes. 

Not exactly defining

But what really landed this product here is the color. "Deep Brown" is more of a light tan that looks horrendous on me. I know that sounds a little strange, but it's the exact kind of color that makes my lids look discolored and sallow. This is all not to mention, by the way, that it's so light that it doesn't even define my eyes. Once I have mascara on, you really can't even tell that I'm wearing liner. 

Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco Conditioner: I've had this bottle for ages, and was recently rummaging through my endless piles of stuff and decided to finally use it up. Now I don't remember loving it, but I distinctly remember thinking this conditioner was okay or decent and it's absolutely not. For a conditioner that claims to be deeply moisturizing, this leaves my hair very tangly, a bit stiff and difficult to work with. It does do its job to some extent, as my locks don't feel parched after using this, but I do feel like they need some more moisture. My favorite conditioners (Redken All Soft and Organix Macadamia Oil) always leave me feeling like I don't need to put product in because they really saturate my hair with the hydration it needs. I've almost finished the Creme de Coco, though, and will be relieved to squirt out the last bits. No idea how this is such a popular product when it performs so poorly for me!

To each their own, I suppose!

If you've tried any of these items and had a different experience, leave a comment!

Technically NOTW should be up next, but I'll probably throw in another post before that since I'm a bit behind.

Hope you're well!

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