Unfinished Business! 6/12

Monday, June 18, 2012

It seems as though I'll never be caught up on product reviews! This post should make a decent dent on my list of things to blog about, but even so, my notepad has taken on never-ending qualities. This particular Unfinished Business is a bit heavy on hair products, but if you could see the dry, unmanageable, frizzy mess my hair currently is, you'd understand!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Proud & True Brit: You'd think that a brand would use the same formula for the same line of product, but only change the scent, so I really don't know what happened here. Batiste is my favorite dry shampoo, but something about this particular one is just off. The nozzle inevitably squirts out too much, no matter how lightly I press, and even the consistency of the powder is abnormal (for Batiste). It's chalkier, and almost seems to come out in chunks. Yes, it still gets the job done, but I have to spend a significantly longer amount of time trying to rub in all the heinous white streaks. And when I reach for dry shampoo, I obviously haven't had the time to shower, so I'd like the process to be as quick as possible, please! I'll use this bottle up, and then continue to stick with Blush and Fresh. (Though the scent of Proud & True Brit is lovely as well--almost an exact match for Chloe Eau de Parfum!).

Milani Shadow Eyez Pencil in Champagne Toast: Let's ignore that offensive z for a minute and just focus on the product. I don't typically wear eyeshadow, but when I feel like having some color on my lids, nothing is quicker or easier than a pencil product with some finger smudging. This shade is your standard shimmery pinky-beige color (not as frosty and cool as Benefit R.S.V.P, but not as golden as Stila Kitten) but it's perfect for fresh and glowy, lazy summer makeup and it's the kind of versatile product I think everyone should have. Pigmentation is great, and it's smooth and easy to work with, but on my oily lids I absolutely need a primer underneath to prevent some horrific creasing. Staying power was good too (both with and without the primer) but I noticed less fading of the color when I put the primer down first. If you really need your makeup to stay put, go for Make Up For Ever shadow pencils, but for $9 I'm pretty impressed with this. (Literally paused in writing this post to do my daily beauty website rounds, and discovered Christine just did a post on this exact pencil here. Go read if you want more info/swatches!)

Klorane Mango Oil: I've recently concluded that oils are my favorite type of leave-in product, and since I'm running low on my Organix Macadamia Oil (post), picked this one up after hearing good things about it. Now this isn't a bad product at all, but it's just not suitable for my hair's needs. I like my oils to be super hydrating and feel a little bit heavy, like they've really got some meat to them. I need to feel like they're working and doing something great for my ultra-dry hair, and I don't get that feeling from an oil as light as this. It's great for combating frizz and adding shine, but for me and my coarse hair, it doesn't do enough in the hydration department.  This is a great summer product, though, as it contains UV filters and would be great to apply at the beach to guard against salty ocean water. And for any spray-happy people like myself, I recommend squirting the product into your hands and then running it through your hair. A little goes a long way!

Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser: The Poor Man's version of the Liz Earle (or maybe that would be the Boots No 7 one?). As a cleanser, this tends to leave me feeling like I have a layer of moisturizer on (good for when I'm too lazy to actually moisturize) but for every day it's just too much for my oily skin. But as a makeup remover, I can't get enough of it! I love cleansing oils, and this works very similarly--dry skin, dry hands,  and massage the product in to melt down the cosmetics. You can lay the muslin cloth over the skin and press it off to remove the makeup, or simply wipe it away. I tend to use the former method for my eyes, and the latter for the rest of my face. My one little thing with oils is that they can leave my vision foggy if I get too close to my eyes, but this cream cleanser doesn't. If I get it directly in my eye, it does sting a little, but I don't feel anything if I'm just swiping at my mascara/liner. Not in love with the strong herbal scent, so this won't be for people sensitive to fragrance!

Tresemme Rejuventating Mud Masque: This mask puzzled me because the clarifying, drying qualities of mud are not what I want when it comes to hair treatments. But I'm pretty sure that's just marketing shtick since this product is fabulously hydrating and softening! First of all, the smell is fruity and delicious and you'll be pleased to know it's one of the lingering ones. And it's a pale lime-green, which you know, is always a plus! But no matter how briefly I leave this in for, my hair always feels significantly better after rinsing it out. Hydrated, shinier, and a lot softer. But this is another one of those masks where you really feel the difference, but question how much it's actually doing for dry and damaged hair--a lot like 3 Minute Miracle. So this would be a great option for anyone who tried that and found it too heavy, or for anyone merely seeking softer hair--and really, who isn't?

Speaking of hair, I did my at-home color over the weekend and have an appointment booked at the salon, so it's a week of much-needed change for my sad-looking locks!

But you'll hear all about that soon!

Hope you're well!

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