NOTW: Revlon ColorStay Stormy Night

Saturday, June 2, 2012

This week's color is a throwback to the days of "greige", back when Chanel Particuliere was first launched and the beauty world went nuts for taupey, ashy brown purpley nail color. I prefer mine to be not quite so coffee or mud colored, but leaning a bit more to the grayish-eggplant side and Stormy Night is perfect for that. 

Still muted enough to be a neutral, but with enough dimension to be interesting, it's no wonder these types of shades were (are) so popular. 

Forgive the crappy lighting in the picture, but this one was troublesome to photograph because under different lighting, it leans more brown/gray/purple and this was the best one. (One day, I swear I'll get my nail polish photographing skills together!)

This is another Revlon ColorStay polish and I like it just as much as the first I tried, Marmalade (post). Shiny finish, smooth opaque formula, and it holds up well against chipping--what's not to love?


  • Speaking of Revlon, I finally tracked down their new Just Bitten Balm Stains and they are fantastic. Review coming soon! 
  • After restraining myself for the past few weeks, I splashed out a bit this week with the beauty/makeup purchases. Haul post up next!
  • I had no idea Alice + Olivia did shoes! 
  • While spending the night at a friend's house this week, I tried the Soap and Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel because he kept raving about what it did for large pores. I gave it a go, and sure enough, my pores were much less noticeable afterwards, but I woke up to enormous, bulbous acne all over my face. I thought it was cystic at first, but a few days later, they were "poppable" and getting rid of those not-so-little monsters was a completely disgusting experience. Stay away!
  • Kind of glad my summer classes start on Monday, because without a reason to look presentable, I tend to let myself go. Makeup (when I've bothered to wear it) has been incredibly lazy lately--Garnier BB cream (post) all over, mascara, tinted lip balm, out the door! I almost miss wearing foundation.
  • One of my less lofty summer goals is to finally watch all those movies I should've seen but haven't. The list includes The Godfather trilogy (or I might just skip the third one, from what I hear), A Streetcar Named Desire and for this weekend, Twelve Angry Men! If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

Haul post up next!

Hope you're well!

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