Beauty Cravings: 6/20/12

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's been a while since I've done one of these! This particular Beauty Cravings is the usual endless list of beauty products I want, but somehow has unconsciously taken on a summertime/crappy hair theme!

1. Murad Mission Sun Undone: I'll be going away for a week at the end of July, and I expect the sun exposure I'll get to be extreme. Even though I'll be fully covered in sunscreen, I still want something to sort of repair the damage (inevitable, no matter how much factor I apply) and this little kit should do it. Murad does another one of these Sun Undone sets, and it's cheaper and comes with a wider variety of skincare but this one has the larger size of targeted treatment, which is what I'm really after.

2. NARS Lustre Blush: Since chucking my beaten up and nearly-emptied Orgasm a couple of years ago, I haven't actually owned any NARS blushes! (Or any NARS product at all, for that matter--must investigate!). But I do love their blush formulation, and though I find some of their shades too glittery (Super Orgasm), their color selection is great as well. I'm in the mood for warm, peachy, sun-kissed cheeks, and I think this might be my choice summer blush. There's not a lot of color to it, but it still provides enough to prevent your face from looking too flat or dead. And of course, since it's almost a neutral, it would go nicely with whatever bright lip/eyeliner I'm wearing. 

3. Clarins Ever Matte Foundation: I've had this foundation in the back of my mind since the brilliant Lisa Eldridge used it in one of her videos. You know I adore my Revlon ColorStay, but as I discovered today in the 96 degree heat that made my two minute walk to the subway a nightmare, heavy makeup really feels disgusting in the summertime. I'd like to keep the oil-control properties, please, but maybe lose a bit of the weight and thickness? Clarins seems to have come up with the answer to that, and if they haven't, maybe I'll finally give Make Up For Ever Matt Velvet Plus a try!

4. Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask: As an oily-skinned girl with large, blocked pores, I love a purifying mask--but all the ones I've tried have been clay or kaolin based which is what makes this item so interesting. I don't know too much about it, but apparently it's a foamy, gellish consistency that you simply leave on and wipe off. Don't believe I've ever tried something like this, and while I do have my doubts, Bliss is a fairly reliable brand. I know one of their masks was designed to mimic the effects of their spa facial, so maybe this is it? In any case, a facial-in-a-bottle is super gimmicky, which means I'll definitely be trying it out one of these days. =)

5. Shiseido The Makeup Perfect Foundation Brush: I love my Sigma F80 Flat-Top Kabuki (post) for buffing in my foundation, but ever since reading Jenn Falik's post on this Shiseido one, I've been dying to try it and compare the two. From what I can tell of the pictures, I think the Shiseido is shorter and denser, which could very likely make it perform better. That's all strictly speculation, though!

6. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer: I whined on and on about how my hair is in horrible shape at the moment, and from what I hear, this treatment could really help turn that around. A lot of the reviews I've read use the term "new hair" which sounds exactly like what I need! Looks to be more of a hair revitalizer than your average damage-repairing mask and the like. Might need to put in a feelunique order soon! 

7. Shu Uemura Art of Hair Paddle Brush: Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?! This might be the only hair brush to put Mason Pearson to shame, and of course, it's unavailable. Apparently these gorgeous things were released in a very limited amount a few years back and now you couldn't get it for love or money. (We really need to talk distribution, Shu). But even if I had the opportunity to get my paws on this brush, I'd need quite a few horrendous days and mixed drinks to cough up the $80 for it.

8. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer: Again, for both this summer in general and for my brief getaway, I want to wear the most minimal face makeup possible (says the girl with enormous cystic acne taking over her face). Ideally, I'd use some of this full-coverage, waterproof magic only on my blemishes (and possibly under my eyes as well), powder and be done with it. The only problem here is that I have no idea how to choose the proper concealer shade if I'm going to get darker. I really don't want to be all bronzed, but with lighter spots highlighting the bulbous pimples smattered across my face!

9. Institut Esthederm Tanning Program: I keep hearing amazing things about this line of suncare, and am determined to try it out this summer. Unlike the normal sunscreen I'm used to which I generally think of as a layer of product to serve as a barrier to protect my skin, this brand uses all sorts of different technology to work with your skin. You won't find labels telling you what factor of sun protection each item provides, but the various creams are sorted by "normal", "strong" and "extreme" sun exposure. I'm sure that'll be hard to get over, but apparently this brand allows for your skin to naturally develop a tan without any of the harmful damage of the sun? (Clearly I need to do some more research before purchasing!).

10. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector: Everyone and their mother has raved about this lip gloss, so it's high time I give it a try. It only comes in two shades (a soft pink and a peach), neither of which would work perfectly for me, but from what I've heard, the formulation makes up for the lack of color variety. I'm not wearing a lot of lip gloss at the moment, but this just might be the one to turn that around!

Of course there are about a zillion other beauty products I want to get my hands on, but I think ten is enough for now!

Hope you're well!

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