Back to Black (Hair) + Some Pureology Reviews

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Consider this is a hodge-podge post on what's been going on with my hair recently. Between a DIY color, a less-than-stellar salon cut, and some products I've been trying, this post is long overdue. Apologies in advance for any disorganization!

My at-home color:

Helpful picture...

This was my very first time experimenting with one of the infinite number of drugstore boxed dyes, and it was so much easier than I thought it would be! Hell of a lot messier, too, but I had the foresight to use a towel that needed to be thrown out anyway. I anxiously spent a few days googling all sorts of at-home hair color tips, and finally wound up doing it at roughly 4 am on a Saturday night, ever so slightly tipsy (as you do!). For those of you who don't know, my natural hair is normally a super-dark brown, verging on the point of black, but a few months ago I had it colored a light, warm brown (post). Liked it at first, but I've recently decided that dark hair (and only dark hair) suits me best. So out came the dye!

I used the Revlon one just because it claimed not to contain any ammonia, and went with Brown Black since that's a pretty accurate description of my natural color. Separated my ridiculously long hair and literally just slapped it on with the gloves. But because I had only gotten one box, I found myself having to ration the dye towards the top section of hair, so sometimes the warmish brown peeks through. That sounds strange, but I actually love the dimension it gives. 

Overall, the DIY hair color could not possibly be easier, and I'm never paying for a single process all-over salon color again!

The kind of crappy cut:

Can you see the more brownish parts?

My almost past boob-length hair was getting entirely out of control so I eagerly set off for the salon just this morning. I asked for three inches to be taken off with lots of layers to fatten up my fine hair. What I got was about 4.5 inches off (!!!!) with long layers that leave my hair puffy at the bottom but even flatter at the top. It doesn't look like a fresh haircut; it looks like the in-between stage of someone trying to grow out their hair. 

I don't know what that face is. Please excuse it.

I don't absolutely hate it, the way I did my last haircut, but it's one of those awkward lengths that requires a follow-up haircut reasonably soon or lots of annoying growing time. I do think the stylist did an excellent job in cutting the layers, though, even though they're too long for my hair's texture. But all of that, combined with the pathetic excuse of a blowout, and I won't be going back to that salon again. Is it so much to ask for a hair stylist to listen to what I want and do it well?! New Yorkers, let me hear you! What's your go-to place for a satisfactory and reasonably priced hair cut?!

Product reviews:

I've been testing out a lot of color-treated hair products and can safely conclude that I absolutely hate them. I'm all about how soft and silky my hair feels, and colored hair products always have that straw-like, stiff feeling to them that I really can't stand. I'm positive it has to do with the color technology as the DIY hair color gave my locks that exact same brittle feeling. Personally, I think that unless you have a very high maintenance hair color (redhead or blonde), all this color-treated junk just isn't worth it. If you've got a simple, all-over color as I do, I say use regular products to look after your hair and you'll be fine. 

I caught Pureology on sale at Ricky's a few months ago and have just gotten around to finishing them up. For a brand specifically targeted for color-treated hair, I admit that I was hoping for better results.

Zero Sulfate Purify Shampoo: I could get over the lack of lather, the weird smell and the squeaky, rubbery feeling it gave my hair if it wasn't for how little it "purifies". My hair always looked oily much sooner whenever I used this shampoo, and even in the shower, I never felt like my scalp was completely clean (nothing to do with the sulfate-free!). Maybe this is meant to be gentler so as not to strip the hair of color? But even so, I shouldn't need considerably more dry shampoo when washing my hair with this!

Anti Fade Restorative Masque: Maybe this did some good for my hair, maybe it didn't. All I know is that I couldn't deal with the stiff, straw texture this stuff gave me. The only way I can use this is if it's mixed in with a good sized chunk of a truly moisturizing, softening hair treatment. It also smells like really nauseating bubblegum, so altogether, it can't be excused. 

Overall, I don't see the sense in paying such high prices (each hair product is around $30) for such under-performing products. Maybe they really do help preserve color, but I couldn't see any difference, and for haircare that (possibly) does nothing but make your hair feel brittle, these products and their prices are absolutely ridiculous. 

This was all over the place, I know, but catch-up posts are always disorganized!

On tomorrow's to-do list: get my hands on some Viviscal!

Hope you're well!


  1. My goodness, how pretty you are. Your advice holds great weight, making your wonderful blog even that much better. Keep up the great work... and the gorgeous looks!