NOTW: Essie Ole Caliente

Friday, May 25, 2012

Forget the color, forget the finish--this is nail polish formulation at its finest. 

Essie nail polishes for me are generally hit or miss, but this particular one is phenomenal. Application was absolutely beautiful, creamy, smooth, and without a streak in sight (and we all know how sloppy I am with paint jobs). The color was perfectly opaque, so much so that I probably could've gotten away with one coat, but being a "more is more" kind of girl, went with two. But it's the longevity and wear of the polish that really has me impressed. I put this color on over a week ago, and apart from not having a single chip, there is very minimal wearing. The polish is just about perfect at the tips, with only a bit of wear around the cuticles, which is especially impressive given end-of-semester madness usually wreaks havoc on painted nails. 

I couldn't possibly love this formula more, and if more Essie polishes were like this one, my brand loyalty might switch from O.P.I! Of course, O.P.I tends to do more interesting colors, but Essie is branching out a bit, and Ole Caliente is perfect for summer. The last orangey nail polish I wore, Revlon Marmalade (post), was more of a tangerine, whereas this one is a reddened orange, or a coral that pulls more red. It's another color that would look great on toes, though it's definitely not the most unique hue out there.


  • Kind of missing my dark hair. Very tempted to grab a box of drugstore dye and go back to my super-dark brown, but the number of different shades of dye is so overwhelming. I wouldn't know where to begin!
  • Since I tend to get very sloppy and disorganized towards the latter part of the semester, I'm in the mood for total and complete re-organization. (Read: I've been spending a lot of time at Staples and The Container Store). A new planner/agenda, which I am extremely finicky about, was first on my list! Highly recommend this Moleskine one!
  • Wish the Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift came with the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Passion instead of Rose, but I guess you can't complain about a free gift.
  • Am thinking it's high time I bite the bullet and purchase a big bottle of Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume. It's my absolute favorite, and yet instead of buying it, I've just been dousing myself in it every time I'm in Sephora to make up for not having it at home. This must be rectified. 
  • I could browse the jewelry section on Etsy for hours (and I usually do). Does anyone have any recommendations, for vendors or pieces in particular? 
  • My cousin and I just finalized all the details on our summer trip to Disney World/Universal and New Orleans! So excited, and I'm sure it'll be a welcome break after sitting through a month and a half of summer classes. 

Review on a strange type of product coming up!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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