NOTW: Essie No More Film

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Apparently that blue nail polish kick I was in hasn't completely left my system.

But I'm not even entirely sure that this is blue (even though it looks it in the picture). No More Film is one of those crazy polishes that walks the fine line between two colors--in this case, blue and purple. I'm sure there's a technical name for this shade, like indigo or something, but let's just call it "blurple". Or really anything that connotes a navy blue splashed with a heavy dose of royal purple.

I'm not crazy about Essie polishes, and this particular one is yet another reason why. I do love the color, but it chipped horribly within the first few days of application. This is actually surprising, as usually my issue with Essie is that their formulation is too runny and streaky which wasn't at all the case this time around. On the plus side, the finish has a shine to it that you can practically see your reflection is and who doesn't love shiny, painted nails?

  • This week was hellish. So I shamefully rewarded myself for enduring it. Don't worry, I was quite well-behaved!
  • Was in Sephora earlier for some last-minute Mother's Day gifts for my grandmothers, and they had hired a DJ for the day. Believe me, it was just as loud and annoying as you think.
  • New goodies from Anthropologie! I love the sort of vintage feel the earrings have to them, and I couldn't possibly resist the pretty, ribbon hair ties. Especially that last glitter one!
  • Discovered a whole new assortment of fabulous things (and some duds) at the drugstore this week. Expect another Unfinished Business! post soon.
  • I think my search for my perfect pencil eyeliner (post) is over. I think
  • After years of getting annoyed by my long hair to the point where I chopped it to bob-length, I'm finally starting to like it. My mane is a little too long now (if I can't brush all the way to the ends while reaching over my shoulder, it's time for a trim) so I'll probably be going to the salon soon.
  • Sephora has finally caught on to the fabulousness of Asian sheet masks. But at $24 for three, they're completely ripping you off! Most brands you can find online charge around $12 for a pack of ten! If you want to try sheet masks (seriously, you should) just have a look on Amazon. The My Beauty Diary ones are great, and you can also search Asian beauty websites for a lot more options. Link!
  • I may have found something to let me go even longer between eyebrow threading visits without looking unkempt. Some more testing, and then a post soon!

Sorry the posts have been so boring this week, but it's the end of the semester which means lots of stress and very little sleep.

Unfinished Business coming up next!

Have a great weekend!

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