Mascara Experimentation: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash King vs. Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo

Monday, May 7, 2012

Stop the presses!

After years of devotion to the Shu Uemura Mascara Basic/Ultimate Natural (post), I have found a mascara that I just might love even more.

This is serious, people. I don't think I've been this pleasantly shocked since the first time I got my eyebrows threaded. I've also found a mascara that performs mediocrely, but what else is new?

You know the drill, here's the first of many creepy up-close shots of my droopy eyes. Lashes curled with my Shu Uemura, of course.

A quick coat of the Lash King, and....!

Jaw. Dropped.

I've never seen the results lengthening mascaras claim to make, so I was honestly shocked when I saw how much longer my lashes looked with this on. Shiseido calls this the mascara that fullfills all your desires, and I have to say, I think they might be right. I want my mascara to hold my lash curl perfectly and define and add some drama without clumping--and this does exactly that, and more! I know my lashes might look weird and kind of spidery this up-close, but something about this mascara just fans out the little hairs perfectly, to the point where it almost looks like I'm wearing falsies. It obviously doesn't provide the lush thickness of false lashes, but it makes my typically sparse and crooked eyelashes look fluttery and flirty and very nearly uniform. (Meaning it somehow straightens out all the weird kinks that develop if I've curled my lashes poorly that day). It's almost as though it gives my entire set of lashes a new shape.

Compared to the Shu Ultimate Natural, it doesn't hold a curl quite as well. I've noticed a bit of droop in the upwards bend by the end of the day that doesn't happen with my Shu. On the other hand, the Lash King doesn't deliver results as quickly and easily as the Shu does. It's certainly not difficult to work with, but I just find that the Ultimate Natural delivers results faster. But then when you get up close to Lash King lashes, they're all fanned out and fluttery and perfectly spaced apart...!

It's quite the dilemma, choosing one over the other. So of course, I've got to have both. The second I had worn the Lash King for a full day (just for testing purposes) I frantically sent my mother an email--complete with numerous pictures--requesting her to buy me some more tubes before she returns from Taiwan. It's only 9 USD in Taiwan, but I've had a look online and on most Asian beauty sites, it'll run you about $40 (!). I'll probably switch off between the Ultimate Natural and the Lash King, depending on the eyelash mood I'm in that day and how long I need the curl to last. So thankful the lady at Watsons recommended this to me!

As for the other Majolica Majorca, it's just alright. Well actually it's quite good considering the needs of my finicky lashes, but it just doesn't compare to the Ultimate Natural and the Lash King.

Here's the other eye, naked and droopy...

A coat of the Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo (seriously, these names are awful--hoping it's just poor translation!)

This one can hold a curl slightly better than the Lash King, but I don't like it nearly as much. As you can see, it tends to clump my lashes together and makes them look a little too spindly. It's definitely lengthening as well, but I'm not sure it's quite as good as the King in that department. Definition-wise, it's not anything special, and it's not nearly as clean as either the Shu or the King. I'll use it up, of course, but will probably be thinking of the other two mascaras while doing so =).

And in case you were wondering, here's a quick look at the wands.

Lash King
Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo

They're both very fibrous mascaras, as you can see, but unlike the Fairydrops Scandal Queen (post), they're not wet formulas which always goop my lashes up and kill the curl. You can also see how many fibers the Lash King wand picks up on its tip, and that clump is surprisingly difficult to scrape off. Even if you brush the tip on your lashes, though, that odd chunk doesn't get all over them, so I just quit trying to remove it and leave it alone.  Longevity and smudging aren't a problem here either, as both formulas  last me the whole day with very minimal transferring to my lower lashline. 

My one not-so-little qualm is obviously that you can't get the Lash King outside of Asia, unless you order it online. I'm used to this issue, of course, as that's how I've been forced to get my Mascara Basic/Ultimate Natural since Shu Uemura pulled its North American counters in 2009. But it's still a nuisance to do, and considering how much more expensive it is online, I'll probably beg my relatives to pick me up some tubes every time they're in Taiwan. 

Still in shock that after all these years, my Shu mascara actually has some very serious competition!

Since I'm so indecisive on which mascara I like better, leave me a comment telling me which you prefer!

Hope you're well!

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