It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us 5/12

Monday, May 14, 2012

I know I promised another Unfinished Business, but I thought of all the products I've recently tried that didn't work, and decided to do this post instead. Again, these items aren't necessarily ones I absolutely hate, they just weren't right for me.

Soap and Glory Glow Job: A lightweight radiance-boosting moisturizer that disperses little bronze beads for the ultimate sun-kissed glow? Sounds fabulous, but it really isn't in execution. I do like the consistency of the lotion and the gentle luminous effect it gives, but the bronzer completely ruins it. There are actually a surprising number of those little beads and it makes your face quite a few shades darker and very quickly. Obviously, then, you should take it down onto your neck, which is something I especially hate having to do. The strange thing is that the bronzing element is also supposed to provide a bit of coverage (and it does), but I don't understand why someone would buy this. If you want a daytime moisturizer that will give you a subtle glow and a bit of coverage, get a BB cream (post) or tinted moisturizer which will do all of that and with SPF. The idea of this is great and definitely appealing, but I don't think it's at all necessary, especially if you have either a BB cream or a TM. 

Tresemme Climate Protection Finishing Spray: Yet another "great in theory, but not in execution" product. I actually couldn't find this for a few days, as all my drugstores was completely out, which had me convinced that this was a special product. Tresemme came up with a genius idea for women who are plagued by humidity ruining their hairstyle (read: everyone) simply spray a gentle mist of this all over your finished 'do, and it acts as a sort of barrier from all the moisture in the air. I made a point of testing this on disgustingly humid days when my hair was curled (it's a bad hair day waiting to happen) and wasn't impressed with the results. My hair looked slightly less frizzy, but my curls fell out as I was expecting them to. That outcome by itself might have been fine, but I swear, this isn't a finishing spray, this is just another hairspray Tresemme relabeled. Even the gentlest spritz leaves my hair hard and stiff, not to mention impossible to brush out. For someone who's very interested in the tactile sense when it comes to hair and makeup, I doubt I'll ever use this again.

Yes to Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser: Another face cleanser that's right up my alley--gel consistency, for oily skin, and this one is even meant to "banish impurities and keep skin clear". I liked it the first few times I used it, but it was nothing groundbreaking that changed my "a face wash is a face wash is a face wash" theory (as long as it's for your skin type!). But after just a few uses, I started breaking out in very small pimples around my nose. That's exactly the type of acne I never have (not with cystic acne trolling all over my face) and in a place I almost never break out in. I stopped using the cleanser, and sure enough, that area cleared up. I'm shocked at my skin's reaction, as I don't think I've ever used a product that has made my resilient skin break out, so I definitely wasn't expecting that from a cleanser meant to keep my face clear!

Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo: I've resisted buying this since it hit the shelves since I already had too many dry shampoos. But the second my stash ran out, I eagerly gave this a try. For starters, it has a fabulous floral scent that is intense like no other and really lasts in the hair all day. Always a plus when hair looks and smells clean! But apart from the scent, there wasn't much else I liked about this dry shampoo. The spray is nice and fine, but it just feels so thick and heavy in my hair--like I had several weeks worth of dry shampoo built up at my roots. Again, I'm all about the tactile, so I really can't stand when products make my hair so untouchable. Yet another drugstore dry shampoo that just doesn't compare to my beloved Batiste (post)!

Lumene Pure Radiance Beauty Drops: I actually bought this product for research for an upcoming blog endeavor, having spotted it on a whim at the drugstore. Lumene is a Finnish skincare brand that you can find at CVS and from what I can tell, they specialize in radiance-boosting and anti-aging skincare, though they certainly offer a variety of products. These 28 little pods look like small Goldfish, or golden sperm(!) and you're meant to use one a day for radiant skin in a month. I thought these would be some sort of luminous gel to rub into your skin, but they seem more like a topical treatment (like a primer) than an actual skincare product. A little pod squeezes out an orange-colored (and faintly scented) siliconey product that's almost an exact dupe for The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost. I've used quite a few of them, and didn't see any results. No luminosity (the finish is actually powdery and matte), no sparkle, no "pure radiance" anywhere to be found. This was exactly my experience with the Skin Boost, so I say avoid this overpriced vitamin C junk altogether.

It's late and I've never been more ready for bed.

Cheapie but Goodie (with a twist) coming up!

Hope you're well!

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