A Day in Pictures: GoogaMooga

Monday, May 21, 2012

I know, another Day in Pictures, but I've got the very last of my finals to deal with and am feeling run-down so please bear with this excuse of a post. =)

Yesterday a whole bunch of my friends and family set off for Brooklyn to attend GoogaMooga, an enormous food and drink festival complete with live music held in Prospect Park. Or, as I called it, my birthday gift from God (I turn 20 tomorrow!).

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting--a huge crowd of drunk hipsters eating in a grungy park? But the day far exceeded what I had in mind.

The crowd--not all hipsters and not completely drunk.

True story: While standing in the middle of thousands of people in the park, I got separated from our group. Despite terrible cell reception (too many people), I managed to text my cousin asking where they were. She sent back, "Towel with blue stripes." 

I smacked her when I finally found them.

The set-up was very simple: find a vendor with food you'd like to eat, buy some, and then take it to a police barricade bench or picnic blanket to enjoy. Yes, there were lines but they moved quickly, and the longest one any of us waited on was a little less than 30 minutes.

These signs were a nice, though altogether useless touch.

And while the port-a-potties were absolutely foul, I really appreciated the clean outdoor sinks.

But enough of all that! On to the food! *The idea of going with a group, of course, is that everyone shares. This way, we're able to taste some of everything without getting too full.

My first stop was the fried chicken banh mi vendor...

Next, we enjoyed possibly my favorite dish of the day--crawfish pasta!

Tom Colicchio's pork belly tacos were next, and although they look a little plain, they're anything but.

We took a break at that point (!) and spent an hour or so napping in the sun or walking around the park to check out the other music stages. But sure enough, there were so many vendors to explore and the second half of our day was just as delicious as the first.

Colorful and delicious papaosas (I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong--sorry!) were passed around next...

Followed by some pizza made with the most incredible dough

And as the sun went down and we prepared to leave, it was a race against the heat to finish our red velvet and cheesecake ice cream sandwiches...

I heard some reports of people rioting over beer selling out and vendors running out of food, but our group didn't really experience any of that. The weather could not have been more perfect--pleasantly warm and perfect for tanning, but not humid or sweat-inducing--and a fabulous time was had by all.

Delicious fresh food, beautiful weather and people you love...what more could you want? =)

Next post will be on the long-wearing beauty products I rely on for days like these spent outdoors.

I'm off for a very much-needed workout!

Hope you're well!

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