Cheapie but Goodie: Physician's Formula Organic Wear Bronzer

Thursday, May 17, 2012

If any of you were reading my blog way back when, you'll remember this post on how difficult I found wearing bronzer. No matter how little product I picked up on the brush or how much I buffed it in, I felt that it always looked unnatural--and I wasn't even trying to contour!

Recently, though, I've come to the realization that my problem wasn't with my application method, it was with the specific product. Maybe people who have more practice with bronzer can use the scarier deeper shades, but for untalented folks like myself, we need a product that's much more natural.

Which is where this bronzer comes in.

I first saw the fabulous Lisa Eldridge use this item in her contouring video, and figured that if it could work on skin as fair as hers, I shouldn't have any difficulty using it. I'm obviously not a supernaturally talented makeup artist, but even I can't screw up when using this product.

As you can see, it's mostly a fairly light bronzer with a darker shade scattered throughout, and on my skin tone, it couldn't look fake even if I wanted it to. It's not incredibly pigmented (though it definitely packs some color), meaning it's even easier to slowly build up color and not come out looking like an Oompa-Loompa.

For that same reason, I think you'd have to be extremely fair for this to be dark enough to serve as a contour shade, but if you're looking for an allover bit of warmth and health this is perfect. It's not quite completely matte, as there's just the slightest hint of a satiny sheen, but it's nothing glittery either.

I think bronzers like this (with more than one shade) are genius, especially for those who have different skin tones throughout the year. I almost got the brand's season-to-season bronzer (link), which has the compact divided into four quadrants, each with a different shade for every season. It looks very shimmery in the packaging, which is definitely not for an oily-skinned girl like myself, but even if it wasn't, the darker shades in that product would never have been used.

This Organic Wear one is light enough to be used all over, and while I can't really contour my face with it, the darker "leaves" are perfect for giving the bridge-less pathetic lump of cartilage known as my nose some shape. I use this bronzer in Natural, and while the Physician's Formula website says it comes in six shades, I've only seen one other in a deeper shade (sorry, I don't remember what it's called!). 

Basically, this is the bronzer for anyone who has sworn up and down that they cannot wear the cosmetic product. Yes at $16, it's more expensive than your average drugstore find, but it's still cheaper than anything you'd get at Sephora. Plus, you're also paying for the organic aspect to it, and this item is something like 15% natural, if that's what you look for in makeup.

As much as I enjoy using this product now, I still don't consider bronzer to be an absolutely necessary makeup step, like some people do. But it's nice to no longer be afraid of the entire category of bronzing products!

If there are any other natural-looking bronzers you like (drugstore or otherwise), please leave me a comment!

Hope you're well!

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