NOTW: Orly Opal Hope + Worst Nail Polish Ever

Friday, April 13, 2012

This polish was such a pain to photograph--I took about 30+ shots and still didn't capture the full effect of the microglitter. The base of Opal Hope is a pale Barbie/cotton candy pink, but a huge part of the way it looks is the shimmery duochrome ranging from flashes of blue to silver to green. If I had a stranger (especially a male stranger) look at my nails and tell me what color they are, I don't think he could give me a definitive answer--that's how unusual this nail polish looks. It's a little flashy, and I feel like a fish wearing it, but if spring isn't the season for crazy nail varnish, what is?

The formula runs sheer, but other than that, I don't have any issues with the way it went on. I imagine a third coat would make it look a little more pink, but I was feeling lazy and stuck with two.

Now for the worst polish ever...

I came across a selection of Nabi varnishes for a mere $5 at my Duane Reade just a few hours ago. Magnetic nail polishes first hit the blogging world through the nails inc. ones sold at Sephora, and while I thought they were cool, they seemed like a bit too much work for someone who likes to do their nails while watching Modern Family. But as we all know, if you lower the price enough, I'll try just about anything(!), and the color range for these magnetic polishes were much more varied than the nails inc. 

I picked up "cinnamon", a completely misnamed plummy metallic pink shade, eagerly slapped on a coat and immediately held the magnet to the wet nail. I held it very close for a good two minutes only to find that there was no change. I slapped on another coat and tried again, only to find that my nail polish looked the exact same--like the magnetic part was all a joke. What exactly is the point of a magnetic nail polish that won't magnetize? It's the equivalent of birth control not preventing pregnancy! 

Nabi's not-at-all-magnetic polishes are solid in terms of formula and pigmentation, but a lot of their shades have this weird brownish tinge. From far away they look fine, but closer inspection reveals how off and slightly frumpy they are. Just walk away from the display, folks, and don't waste your money!


  • The brilliant Lisa Eldridge did a post on the products she took on her holiday. A great read, as usual, and particularly helpful to anyone going on a summery vacation, even if it's not to the fabulous Maldives!
  • I've got a $15 off coupon to any Physician's Formula skincare product. I had no idea they even do skincare, so if anyone has any recommendations let me know!
  • I'm in beyond desperate need of a new wallet so the Kate Spade friends and family sale has come at a great time =). Enter "FFSPR12" for 25% off--sale goes till Saturday at midnight!
  • Saw FleurdeForce's hair tutorial (link) and now I'm lusting after a double pronged curling iron.
  • Still too early for complete reviews, but I'm really enjoying the items I picked up in my last haul. Expect full posts on some of them!
  • It's spring and the city has never looked better! (Forgive me, I was a bit snap-happy).

Hope you're all well!

Have a lovely weekend!

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