NOTW: OPI I Vant to Be A-Lone Star

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cheesy name aside, I'm having quite the love affair with this nail polish.

It fits the spring pastel profile perfectly, but it's also topped with this beautiful pearlescent sheen to give it a little something extra. I've been griping lately about how pale, cool-toned polishes really clash with my yellowy skin, but for some reason, this one doesn't. I think it has something to do with how much of a gentle blue it is. The color looks almost milky to keep it from leaning so cool-toned. In any case, I'm loving this powdery sky blueish gray, and though this was limited edition from the OPI Texas collection, I'm sure you can find dupes.

The prettiness of the shade aside, this formula really isn't one of OPI's best. Runny and streaky, it was difficult to get an even layer on, and the slight sheerness meant going for three coats instead of my usual two. It's always frustrating when an OPI polish isn't up to par, especially when you know how great they can be. 

To the updates!

  • Saw The Lucky One and really didn't care for it. Very predictable yet totally impossible conflict points chock full of cliche. But if you're in the mood for silly, sappy romance with a hunky guy, cute dogs, and a snarky grandma, settle in for two hours of mind-numbing relaxation.
  • I tried a truly awful skincare product that made my flesh react like it never has before. Post coming soon!
  • Can someone please explain to me who in their right mind would spend $30 on a cooling mist for their hair?
  • I've managed to ignore all the Ciate caviar manicure hype right up until a few hours ago, when I saw that Sephora will be stocking them soon. I'll have a hard time justifying the purchase since the effect only lasts a few days, but something tells me I'll be going home with a kit anyway.
  • After never having allergies in my life, this past week was suddenly a hellhole of itching, running, redness and sneezing. I also somehow developed a rapid and uncontrollable twitch in my right eye. Sexy
  • Speaking of allergies, Kleenex cool touch tissues are terrific for soothing irritated noses. 
  • Kinerase developed a budget-friendly skincare line! It's about time!

I know I'm long overdue for some product reviews, but that's all coming up!

Have a great weekend!

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