Unfinished Business! 3/12

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm back with another round-up of quick product reviews! This was very nearly an It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us (where I talk about crap items), but a few things saved it from being an altogether negative post.

Let's start with the worst of the bunch, shall we?

1. got2be Volumizing Styling Powder: Supposedly, a powder that you sprinkle into your hair for instant, fantastic thickness and volume. Quite a few brands do this type of product (Backcomb in a Bottle, or something?) but this is the first I've seen at the drugstore. Not only did this give me little to no volume, but the texture it turned my hair was nothing short of god-awful. My crown felt incredibly dry, stiff, severely knotty and all gunked up--all from a few dashes of powder! I never really notice when I have dry shampoo in my hair, so I don't know what's in this stuff that makes it so uncomfortable. I'm someone who hates any sort of sticky or unpleasant feel to my hair, so much so that I had to shampoo this out almost right away. Rest assured, this bottle was tossed moments after taking the photograph. 

2. GOSH Body Lotion in Creme Brulee: You might know of my slightly embarrassing addiction to dessert-related scents in non-edible forms (candles, perfume, hand cream...etc). I picked this up at Duane Reade simply because creme brulee is one of my favorite things, and unfortunately both the scent and lotion itself fall short. This is more semi-sickly, powdery vanilla than anything else and the thin, almost watery consistency of the lotion tips you off as to how unsatisfactory it is in the hydration department. It might just be the least moisturizing lotion I own, and also leaves me with a bit of a powdery feel. It was only $5, so there's no big loss, and maybe I'll be able to use it in humid summer weather.

3. Eyebrow Razor (can't remember which brand, sorry!): As evidenced by this post, I love love love getting my eyebrows threaded. I go about every two weeks with an almost religious devotion, but every now and then when I have an impromptu important event or am really busy, my brows get a little overgrown. Eyebrow razors are great for a quick fix, though I don't use them too often, as it's easy to lose the shape the aesthetician gives them. Plus, this type of thing can't trim the hairs, and in general, when it comes to my bushy brows, I like to leave it to the professionals. I find Asian brow groomers work best, so my mom brought me this one from Taiwan, and it's ridiculously poorly designed. Yes, I do like to fact that it has a brow comb on one side, but this angular, rectangular shape is totally unsuitable for grooming something as arched as eyebrows. It's nearly impossible to get small individual hairs, especially if you'd like to keep all your eyelashes. (Hmmmm, am thinking I might need to do a post on good eyebrow razors...)

4. Nivea Happy Sensation Daily Lotion: Apart from my beloved St. Ives Naturally Indulgent, I think Nivea does some of the best moisturizers available at the drugstore, so I don't know what happened to this one. I bought it to use as a fast-absorbing arm lotion, and while it doesn't take too long to settle in, it's not particularly quick about it either. It also leaves me with a slightly sticky finish, long after the cream has absorbed, which makes it very uncomfortable to use before getting dressed. All of that I just might have put up with (though I'd switch application to night time) if it didn't have a nauseating faux lemon smell. It's meant to be invigoratingly citrusy, I imagine, but to me it just comes across as furniture polish. 

5. Maybelline Master Shape Eyebrow Pencil: Can you tell I'm having a bit of a love affair with Maybelline? I really only bought this because it has a fantastic brow spoolie on the back, which is a tool that I absolutely love and should definitely be included with more eyebrow pencils. The pigmentation is a little sheer, so I might not recommend this for someone looking to full-on draw in their brows, but for me it's perfect. I'm really only looking to fill in a few gaps and the point is great for mimicking hairs. I picked up deep brown, but that's an absolute misnomer, as it's really more of a light charcoal color. It's perfect for my natural brows, so I'll have to wait until my hair goes back to its normal color to use it. I might pick up soft brown in the meantime, though, to see if that will work with my warmer, browner hair.

6. Befine Restorative Night Cream: Proof that if there are pictures of chocolate on the packaging of a beauty product, I will buy it. I was completely out of my favorite Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation night cream, and couldn't quite bring myself to spend $40 on another tub. This cream was on sale at Ulta, and for $15 and pictures of sweets, it had to come home with me. I love the serum-like packaging and convenience of the pump, but it's thicker and richer than my usual moisturizers. It leaves me with a hideously greasy face in the morning, but it seems to work well for my neck. Honestly, this really isn't anything special--just a no-fuss-or-frills face cream, but that's actually what I like about it. It sits well on top of any serum or acne treatment I apply first, and because it is a bit rich for me, a little goes a long way. I don't love it, but I definitely like it and would repurchase, though it would be too much for my oily skin in the summertime. Because the moisture content of this is so middle of the road, I think anyone ranging from slightly dry to slightly oily could use this, though people with excessively oily skin should skip it unless they like a thicker night cream (as I do). 

I'm off to wrap Iranian New Year gifts!

Have a great week!

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