NOTW: Essie Cute as a Button + Stuffing My Face

Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is supposed to be the perfect nail color for spring, but as pretty as it is in the bottle, I don't particularly care for it on my nails. My yellow toned skin turns this peachy pink into a slightly in-your-face orange. I know that sounds kind of extreme, but if I compare the color on my nails to the bottled polish, I would never guess they were the same shade. (This, by the way, is one of those times I wish my skin had perfectly neutral undertones. No more painful foundation color matching and avoiding cool-toned clothing!)

The last Essie polish I wore was the slightly gloopy Ladylike (post) and I'm happy to say that this formula is much better. Pigmented, not streaky, and hasn't chipped on me yet though I've been using my nails like power tools these last few days (!). 

I swear I had a more interesting post planned, but since I needed more time to compare the products against one another, I went with the lazy foolproof NOTW! So to round this out, here's a random compilation of food pictures taken on my iPhone (do I photograph anything else?!) and my usual bullet-point updates.

Indian restaurant a friend took me to. Have no idea what this is, apart from delicious!

Vietnamese spring rolls!

California Grill--the best sandwich ever.

Soondubu (Korean tofu stew with kimchi)


Ice cream topped molten chocolate cake!

My love affair with eating aside, here's the latest with my beauty/makeup obsession:

  • Tried those samples of Chanel Particuliere. Obviously a foundation with "lumiere" in its name isn't meant for oily skin, but I was hoping it would last longer than two hours on me. Let's not even discuss how horrendously greasy I was that day.
  • SUPER by Nicholas Perricone skincare products are on a ridiculous sale at Nordstrom Rack--nothing I saw was over $20.
  • Have decided L'Eau d'Issey Florale (the pink one) will be my next fragrance purchase. It's light, unlike anything I have and perfect for this warmer season.
  • My mom has spent the past 10 years telling me to roll a ball under the soles of my feet to relieve muscle tension. After ignoring her advice for said number of years, I tried it a few days ago and almost cried. It hurts at first (especially after a day of heels!) but afterwards my feet feel so light and refreshed. You need to try it!
  • Engineers and scientists can put people on the moon, but nobody's figured out a way to stop humidity from making hair frizz? Really?!
  • My roots are looking a bit desperate. Anyone have suggestions for at-home touch up kits?
  • I swear, when I'm looking grungy nothing perks me up like a trip to my eyebrow threader. 
  • Is it really that hard to make an eyeliner that won't transfer onto oily lids?! (That was a not-so-subtle hint on an upcoming post!)
  • The Body Shop's Cooling Peppermint Foot Spray is an obnoxious, maybe even insipid product, but damn does it feel good on weary feet!

I'll stop pretending like there's any substance to this post now.

Hope you're well!

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