NOTW: Chanel April

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Excuse the Shake Shack remote. (lol)
This was one of the polishes that made me break my nail polish buying ban, and frankly, it's too beautiful to regret purchasing. I first showed April in this post, and while I was obsessed with the color then, it's the formula that really has me impressed now.

This formulation positively glides across my nail and opacity can be achieved in one coat, though I always put on two for good measure. It's creamy and rich without being thick and has a nice shine to its finish. I only have three Chanel nail polishes and while Dragon is very similar to April in consistency, Black Pearl (post) appears to be the odd one out. It doesn't apply badly, it just doesn't go on as fabulously as the other two. I'm not sure which is the better representation of a standard Chanel nail polish, so I guess I'll just have to try some others! =)

It's nearly the end of the week and exams and interviews are keeping me stressed, so let's end with some pictures and my usual bullet point drivel!

  • All this pink slime business is really getting to me--the way meat is processed in this country is nothing short of vile and deplorable. If I can't give up red meat completely, I'm definitely cutting down. Fish and veggies all the way! (By the way, if you find yourself trying to be a vegetarian and have a hard time staying motivated, just watch Food Inc. That movie provides all the incentive you'll need).
  • I've been addicted to my Kindle lately, not because I prefer it to a normal book, but because it allows me to read my guilty pleasures without any embarrassment. (Ex: just about any Sophie Kinsella book. Most of them have a similar plot and nearly identical heroines, yet I still buy every novel she comes out with. I should really know better, but she does such nice light reading!)
  • My CVS just started carrying the full line (I think) of Milani baked blushes! I've got my eye on Corallina next!
  • It's been really lovely farmers market weather!

  • Been doing a lot of online shopping at Francesca's lately. It's basically a boutique of simplistically pretty, flattering clothing at H&M prices, but of much better quality. There isn't a location in Manhattan, but everything I've ordered online so far looks great and fits well. Here's my latest purchase, and it's quickly becoming a wardrobe favorite--gorgeous color, easy to wear and very comfortable. Link!
  • I don't like paying for shipping, but with the samples Shu Uemura doles out, I never seem to mind.
  • Not normally a fan of fried chicken, but I had the best Korean version last weekend. Light and not at all greasy on the outside, with a hint of spiciness and tons of moisture on the inside. Pair it with a cold drink and it's deliciously happy days.
  • Am I the only one who can never tell if chemical exfoliants work?

Just realized this post was supposed to be on the Maybelline liner or concealer. Sorry! That will be up next time (I mean it) but I can also say those products are nothing groundbreaking so I don't feel too bad about postponing. =)

It's been a long week and I'm looking forward to an embarrassingly idle weekend.

Hope you're well!

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