Mascara Experimentation: Bare Minerals Flawless Definition and Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume

Sunday, March 25, 2012

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I'm going through my product stash and pulling out all those odds and ends of makeup samples that I've collected and never really gotten around to using. Most are perfectly fine and still worth a try and as I have a few mascaras to play with, figured it was a good time for this type of post. 

Today's contenders are both volumizing, which for me tends to translate to wet, gloopy formulas that clump all over my lashes. Just to recap, my eyelashes are longish, but very wispy and fine, and point straight down. After a good curl with my Shu Uemura curler, my ideal mascara should keep that curl intact, and add some clean, clump-free drama. 

Let's start with the more reputable of the two: Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara. You know the drill--here are my bare lashes...

And then with a coat of the Bare Minerals...

Considering my rather low expectations, I'm a bit pleasantly surprised with this one. The curl definitely fell out a little, but the formula wasn't too wet or gloopy and was actually on the dry side (which is how I like my mascaras). I can't argue with the definition aspect of this product, as it went on very cleanly with no clumping, but the volumizing part fell short. When I think of a proper volumizing mascara, va-va-voom, dramatic lashes come to mind. Even with my wimpy eyelashes, this simply doesn't add enough drama--not nearly as much as my Holy Grail Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural, and that's not even a volumizing one. The issue with this product might be that it's not black enough or maybe it's too dry. It's not altogether bad, it's just not that good. 

On to the Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume! Fresh lashes on the left eye (which somehow never photographs as well)...

And a coat of mascara applied...

Hadn't gotten around to my concealer yet!

Exactly what I expect from the typical volumizing mascara. The curl is all but entirely gone, and though my lashes are significantly darker, they're chock full of product and clumped together. This is the kind of mascara that would require a lot of brushing through with a comb, and even that wouldn't help the lack of curl. However, if you like a quick mascara, this one gives you a lot of impact with little effort--I tried a second coat on top of this one and had spider lashes almost instantaneously. Probably its one redeeming quality is that this didn't seem to transfer and smudge on me the way most of these types of mascaras do. 

Top: Laura Mercier, bottom: Bare Minerals

Final thoughts: I'm not really sure who would like the Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume (maybe someone with naturally curly, dense lashes?--jealous!), but the Bare Minerals would definitely suit more people. Again, my lashes are super wispy and fine and can't stand up to most products the way regular eyelashes could. It's still not a good choice if you like a dramatic, volumizing mascara, but if you're looking for an everyday natural look to your eyelashes, it might be worth a try. 

Both these samples will probably be thrown out, which is kind of a shame, but I wouldn't pass these off to a friend and risk them getting an infection! 

Some exciting posts coming up!

Have a great week!

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