Cheapie but Goodie: Sally Hershberger Shagg Spray

Monday, March 5, 2012

About $12 at drugstores
This was randomly on super-clearance at my Duane Reade for about $2, and you know I can't resist a crazy deal like that! I'm unfamiliar with Sally Hershberger products, as this is actually my first from the line, but it's a great concept--higher-end salon quality products available at drugstores at drugstore prices.

To be honest, I was hesitant to purchase this, as the potential texture of something called a Shagg Spray was off-putting. I'm all about the way my hair feels, to the point where the slightest bit of crunchy stiffness is almost intolerable. The bottle describes the spray as a sort of piecey-texture promoting spray which, for me, translates to the feel of that waxy, sticky pomade stuff.

But I gave it a go, and could not possibly be more pleased with the formulation of this product. I like to think of this as a sea salt spray without the gross sticky, matte look and frizzy waves--so basically, a hair product that delivers piecey bed-headedness without any of the unpleasant feel of texture sprays. 

I don't really use this when I'm letting my hair air-dry as my natural hair type is choppy enough, but if I've done a blow-dry or curled my hair and it all looks too fluffy, a few sprays of this makes it look less "done" and really brings out the definition of my layers. 

I tend to be a "more is more" kind of girl, but excessive spraying doesn't leave your hair looking or feeling funky, unless you really douse it (read: soak) your hair with the product, in which case you end up with greasy, dirty-looking hair that demands a shampoo. (Unless you're into that kind of thing!)

I like using this to create my own beachy waves, simply by spraying this into dry hair and then scrunching, or pulling it into a bun. This method probably won't work for people who have very straight, hard-to-curl hair, but if your locks take shape well, try swapping out your gunky salt spray for this product and some finger-waves to get that fabulous beach goddess hair.

What this product does certainly isn't limited to any hair type, but I actually think people with short hair would benefit most from this. If you have sort of a shaggy Taylor Momsen cut, or even a pixie, just a few mists of this would really bring out the most texture your hair has to offer and add a little edge to your look. 

I haven't heard of too many products like this, but if you have a similar type of thing you love and use, leave a comment!

Have a wonderful week!

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