Slightly Gross But Fantastic Lip Exfoliation Trick!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Conair Champion Salon Pro Roller Clip
Sometime last week, I was at my desk reading some horribly long and boring article for class, while absent-mindedly playing with one of my Conair hot roller clips. I clipped it around my ears, hands, and lips and then at one point, somehow wound up running the teeth slowly over my mouth. I looked down at the plastic clip a while later to find little white bits clinging to the comb--it was the dead skin from my lips.

Now if you're a normal person, here's where you stop, repulsed by what just happened, wash the clip with soap and dutifully return to your reading. But if you're of the inquisitive, experimental, not-at-all squeamish type like I am, you run over to the nearest mirror, hold the hot roller clip up to your mouth and start gently scrubbing at your dry, flaky, winter lips. 

I am not kidding when I say that this delivers the best lip exfoliation I have ever experienced. My lips tend to crack and peel more than anything else, so there are tiny pieces of dead skin that I usually wind up pulling off since no other method seems to work. Lip scrubs won't remove the bits (though they do leave me with a softer pucker), a washcloth is good but tends to move the dead skin around more than pick it up and I've never had much luck with a toothbrush. No matter how tough the bristles of a toothbrush are, they're too long and pliable, meaning that when I want to scrub at my lips, the actual brush part tends to go all over the place and not where I'd like it to.

All of the above only provide more reasoning as to why this hot roller clip is phenomenal.

First of all, the rounded shape of the clip is absolutely perfect for rolling and scrubbing around your lips--I swear, if I didn't know better, I'd think it was designed for this purpose! But the actual teeth are where the real genius comes in. The edges aren't smoothed over the way the teeth of a fine-toothed comb would be, but quite rough which is probably what allows this little thing to thoroughly exfoliate. These kinds of clips have a longer and shorter side, and the former is infinitely better for removing dead skin--the gaps between the teeth are smaller, and the taller bristles mean you have more surface area for scrubbing.

Use the longer half!

I know this sounds ridiculous, but these little rough teeth are a lot sharper than you might think, but still somewhat gentle. I've tried this a few times when my lips have been in relatively good condition, and I went a bit too far and the clip actually drew blood. The lesson here is 1) be careful with how vigorous you are, especially if your lips aren't too bad off, and 2) that the clip is gentle enough to actually break skin without me noticing or feeling any pain. (I can tell you firsthand how difficult it is to remove skin from your lips to the point of blood without any pain).

The really cool thing about this is that it seems to gently remove layer upon layer of skin--it just breaks it down, and when I've finished this highly strange procedure, it's as though I have new lips. They're soft (sometimes to the point of rawness if I'm overly enthusiastic) and incredibly, jaw-droppingly smooth.

I'm never buying another lip scrub again, as with this (thoroughly washed after each use!) clip some of you will already have, it almost renders every fancy lip treatment useless. 

If you don't already own these, you might consider getting them since most beauty stores only charge around $6 for 10 clips. The purchase is more practical if you have and use hot rollers, obviously, but I also like to use them for putting my hair up or clipping extension cords together, and now of course, exfoliating my lips. =)

Who knew?!

Hope none of you were too grossed out by this post!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. LOL, this is exactly the kind of thing I would be doing! It makes me think of all the strange/gross things I've slowly and methodically discovered you can do with tweezers.
    On a separate note (with a lot less "EW" factor), I really love your blog. You've inspired me more than any other blogger to be nice to my hair, and after reading your Temptalia posts I clicked over to your blog and then ran out the door and bought Ego Boost, a Denman natural bristle brush, and (finally) a damn hair cut!! Thank you!

    1. Haha! We all play with weird things, and with tweezers the possibilities are endless!

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment--it really made my day!

      Hope you love the ego boost and denman brush as much as I do, and thanks for reading my blog!