NOTW: Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue + New Hairdo

Friday, February 24, 2012

Still very much on this blue kick!

When I first bought this polish, (it was on sale for like $2 at Duane Reade), the first color it brought to mind was yellow. That's completely nonsensical, considering this color is anything but, yet this particular shade of blue instantly reminded me of those primary color wheel charts--it's that kind of ultra basic hue. 

On the nails, it shows up a little darker--not quite a sapphire, and nowhere near navy, it lies somewhere between a cerulean or cobalt kind of shade. (My favorite part of NOTW posts, by the way, is googling "shades of ___" to expand my color vocabulary!).

This is my second Sally Hansen polish (here's the first) , and I still feel the same about this line; good formula, good pigmentation, but the brush can be hard to work with and can leave the application a little streaky. It's also a bit overpriced for a drugstore nail polish, so I'd look for them on sale!

Now I've just realized that I never showed you my new hair, even though it's been a week since my appointment--what a terrible blogger!

I went in for a cut and (for the first time) color, slightly terrified of leaving with an unflattering look since I was trying out a new salon. Originally, I wanted to lighten my near pitch-black hair to a warmer, more chocolatey-brown, but the colorist talked me into a slightly lighter, more reddish shade. My plan was not to do anything so dramatic that I'd have to fill in my eyebrows (seriously, that's what I told her) but the example swatch she gave me was gorgeous, so I agreed. 

Thirty minutes of toxic smelling hair color and a plastic wrap coating around my head, et voila!

(Sorry, I was in a huge rush and completely forgot to take a before picture, but here's a post where you can see my natural hair color).

Hey, it's been a while since you've seen my face!

And under less-bright lighting...

I love it. 

I'll probably go back to dark hair in the winter, but this reddish brown shade is perfect for spring, and very definitely a welcome change! I was worried I couldn't pull off such a warm color, but I do think it looks natural, though I have to use a colored brow gel (Anastasia's in Brunette) to keep it from looking obviously dyed.

Unfortunately, I hate the haircut. My hair, prior to the appointment, was almost past my boobs, and very flat and blah looking--the result of me growing it out for a year without even a trim. My natural hair texture is quite wavy, and wearing it long tends to just flatten and pull that out, so I like a lot of layers to fatten my locks up, which is exactly what I asked for. 

The stylist only spent about 5-10 minutes actually cutting my hair, and I should've known right there and then that something was wrong. As you can tell from the photo above, she basically cut my hair into two different lengths. There's almost no variation among the two and they're very poorly blended--the cut itself, even with a nice blowout, just looks strange. 

The ultimate test of a successful haircut, for me, is how it looks air-dried. Again, my hair's natural texture means that with just some layers, it looks good on its own. Even with the blowout, I had a bad feeling the cut wasn't very shapely, and sadly I was right.

There's nothing particularly wrong with the bottom half of my hair, but the top half has been cut to the most awkward length imaginable--it looks like I've had a terrible time growing out my bangs. The nature of my natural hair actually causes those shorter sections to stick out; they absolutely will not lie flat against my head. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the worst haircut I've ever had. This ridiculous "shape" forces me to blow dry my hair, and even then I find myself pinning the front pieces back or just pulling it all into a ponytail. (You know it's bad when you don't even want to wear your hair down!)

I'll wait a couple of weeks to give my hair a chance to settle in a bit, and then make a trip to my old salon to see if I can get this mess fixed. I'll keep you updated!

Meanwhile, (nice segue, Leili!) I'm trying out new color-friendly hair products!

These liter-sized bottles of the Joico K-PAK Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner were on sale at Ricky's ($24 for the pair) and while I'm enjoying the conditioner, I'm considering chucking the shampoo. It leaves my hair very stiff, hard and incredibly tangly. I don't know what's in the formula that's making my locks such a mess, but it's not even sulfate free, which I find very odd for color shampoo!


Sorry for the ramble, but I'm really unhappy with my haircut and a proper vent was in order!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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