NOTW: Essie Ladylike

Friday, February 10, 2012

See what I mean about the finish?
My first Essie NOTW post!

Back when I first got into nail polish, I was almost completely loyal to OPI as I was constantly disappointed with Essie's formula. Sure, they do pastels and lighter colors like nobody else, but I always wound up with streaky, runny polish that was a pain and a half to evenly apply. Even now, I only have about 3 Essie polishes since I gave away or chucked most of the unsatisfactory ones--yes, I even ditched the famous Ballet Slippers!

But when this color was launched, I kept hearing so much hype about it that I knew I had to give it a go--and I am beyond impressed with the pigmentation improvement! Essie has really stepped it up as this polish is so opaque and creamy that I could have gone with only one coat, but since I'm a proud member of the "more is more" club, I went with two.

That being said, there's something a bit strange about this formulation that I can't quite get used to. The consistency is oddly thick and sort of piles up around the cuticles like most polishes do when you apply too many coats. It's definitely better than their streaky, runny formula, but I still prefer when polishes are just a bit more "wet". Maybe it's only this color, but Ladylike also dried to a rubbery, almost matte finish. I've never experienced that with Essie before, as they usually have the same glossy finish most polishes do, but this one looks like I painted my nails as usual and then went over them with a buffing tool. That's nothing a good topcoat won't fix (just as soon as I find mine!) but I thought it was unusual and worth noting.

This is, nevertheless, a pretty nude though I was at first taken aback by how purpley it is. From all the pictures I had seen of it online, I wasn't expecting such strong mauvey undertones, but that's probably what saves this color from being a creepy flesh-toned neutral.

I'm definitely missing my brighter shades at the moment, but I needed something toned down for a work event this weekend, on the off chance certain nail colors are frowned upon. (Hey, if American Apparel tells their employees how to wear mascara....)

Unfinished Business skincare post up next!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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