NOTW: Deborah Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is more of a NOTW fail, but I'm so peeved about this polish that I'm showing it anyway.

In the bottle, Some Enchanted Evening is a gorgeous pale silvery-pink glitter. On the nails, not so much.

This is what my nails looked like after four coats. Four! Clearly, this is meant to be a topcoat but what seriously annoys me is that the packaging doesn't mention that anywhere. I even looked it up on the Deborah Lippmann website and it just says, "pink salmon shimmer". Not "so damn sheer your fingernails would look dirty wearing this without an actual color underneath". Really, to call this a nail polish is almost offensive! 

A huge part of the reason I'm so riled up over this is that Deborah Lippmann polishes are expensive--this one is $18 with all non-glitters being $16. I'm no stranger to expensive varnish, but if you're going to charge that much, the product better be good. And if it's highly misleading, you need to say so. This isn't even my nail polish--I'm staying with my cousins and raided their stash--but if I had paid for this and come home to discover how sheer it is, there would have been hell to pay. 

This would look gorgeous over a nude, though, especially if it's a more brown-based one like Sephora by OPI Non-Fat Soy Half Caff as opposed to a pink one like Essie's Ladylike. I'm sure I'll dislike it less the more I experiment and play around with it, but for the moment, Deborah Lippmann is on my sh*t list--and I'd heard such wonderful things about her glitters too!

I know it's a popular brand, so if you've tried any of her polishes, let me know if you liked it and thought it was worth it--especially the glitters!

Stay tuned--hair product dupes coming up next!


  1. Has the color grown on you yet? I think it looks beautiful on you! :) It's a great work-to-night polish & I've given it as a gift and am buying some this Christmas for a stocking stuffer for my mom & sister. The fact the glitter's not dense like how it looks in the bottle makes a manicure last longer because it's not as noticeable when you touch up little chips.

    1. I definitely like it more with a solid color underneath, but I still don't like wearing it by itself. Even though the effect of the glitter by itself is pretty from far away, I always feel like it looks strange close-up. Or maybe it's just the color of my skin!

      It sounds like you wear it on its own too--do you find you have to build up the layers a lot?

      But I definitely agree that it doesn't chip and you can really get away with a sloppier manicure with this type of polish.

      I'm not even sure I'd need a full base color to make it really wearable, actually, I think just a wash of pale pink could make this really great, but it sounds like you love it a little more sheer!

      (Btw, I totally agree with how fabulous Deborah Lippmann polishes make for stocking stuffers!)