Buy This, Not That!: Hair Oil Mist Dupes

Monday, February 6, 2012

A while back, I briefly mentioned the Redken Mineral Oil in a Beauty Cravings post (this one) and it was only a few days later that I wound up purchasing it. Essentially, it's a lightweight oil aerosol spray used on dry hair to smooth flyaways, add some hydration and tons of glorious shine. I especially like to use this kind of thing on curled hair, as you can't go in with a serum and mess up the shape of the ringlets.

Buy This!

It's a great product and I truly thought it was the only one of its kind until I came across got2b's version of it at the drugstore. They call it the Dry Oil Hair Taming Mist, which if you ask me, is a much more self-explanatory name than Redken's! Despite the $10 price difference between the two, these items do virtually the exact same thing--thus the title of this post. (Yes, it is "inspired" from that ridiculous book on which fast food items you should/should not be eating).

Both oil sprays are more style-oriented than nourishment (as opposed to something like the Macadamia Healing Oil Spray) meaning they won't provide as much moisture as they do smoothing and radiant shine. I wouldn't use too much on fine, straight hair as a little spray really does go a long way with this kind of stuff. That being said, while you don't need much, you really have to douse your hair with the product in order for it to look greasy, so there's a nice window for any spray-happy people like myself!

Not That!

Now in terms of how the two compare, they are very nearly identical in performance--I sprayed each oil onto one half of my hair (my new method of testing hair products!) and didn't notice the slightest difference. In application, the Redken's mist is a slightly more fine one, but the consistency of each dry oil is the same. While I don't really care for either scent (Redken is a typical salon shampoo smell with a heavy dose of something plasticky and got2b's is exactly like Axe body spray) the Redken one lingers in your hair while the got2b dissipates. Depending on whether or not you like the way the product smells, that could be a good or bad thing, but in this case, I prefer the got2b as the plastic, almost lipstick smell of the Redken is really unappealing to me.

I know that entire paragraph sounds very nitpicky and obnoxious but that's just the point--these products are so similar that in comparison, these are only the nitty-gritty details I could pick out. These items really do perform fabulously, and if you're in the market for a frizz-smoothing shine spray with some nutritional benefit, why waste the extra $10 on Redken when you can swing by your local drugstore instead?

This is just one of the many new drugstore hair products out that I'm impressed by--this type of thing is so specific and unusual that I'm really pleased to see it at a lower price point. Some other things I've seen lately are a cleansing conditioner, a split end mender and numerous sea salt sprays--the drugstore brands are really upping their game!

I'm painfully aware of how much hair product has been featured on my blog lately, but I didn't mention any for quite a few months, so I'm sure this binge will be over soon.

Either the review of the Garnier BB cream or an Unfinished Business Skincare post will be up next!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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