NOTW: Chanel Black Pearl + New Nail Polish (Yes, Again)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Up until I broke my ban on buying nail polish with this purchase, Black Pearl was my only Chanel varnish. Released in a limited edition collection last winter (though it's since been made permanent) I fell in absolute love at first swatch. You've probably already heard of this shade as fellow nail polish lovers were flipping for it, and over a year later I still am.

Now my philosophy with overpriced things (especially nail polish) is that it's only worth the money if you will wear it often or if it's so beautifully unique that you can't find it anywhere else. This gorgeous charcoal-green, purple duochrome was unlike anything I had ever seen at the time, putting it in the second category, but over the past year it's also fit into the first. Whenever I feel a bit bored with my usual varnish or feel like switching things up, this is my go-to "interesting" color. It's not for everyone, of course, and people's reactions to it range from gushing compliments to confusion and mermaid related jokes. Tell me which category you fall in!

I also swung by Ricky's today, just planning on perusing the beauty aisles when I saw that they had the Butter London Spring/Summer 2012 collection (link) and it is gorgeous. I briefly lost my mind and snatched up Disco Biscuit, Knackered and Slapper, but luckily sadly came to the sudden realization that the three would run me $50. Of course, I've spent more than that on nail polishes before, but given how very many I own, and how bright and not-very-wearable these colors are, I just couldn't justify the purchase. Disco Biscuit wasn't too hard to give up, as that type of bold, loud fuchsia would really only have been worn on my toes. Knackered was the one that caught my eye first and as unbelievably beautiful as it is, those types of pale purples look terrible on my yellowy skin (as I learned with Essie's lilacism). Slapper was surprisingly the hardest one for me to put down, because even though I don't typically gravitate towards greens, it's the loveliest teal that unfortunately is so bright that I would rarely wear it. 

I did not, however, leave empty-handed (of course) as I picked up Butter London's Big Smoke--the prettiest deep navy with just a hint of silver and Essie's Ladylike, which as you might know I've been after for some time. And while I'm sharing new purchases, I also got As Gold as it Gets from Essie's luxeffects line a while back (if anyone is looking for Chinese New Year-appropriate polish, by the way, Chanel Dragon topped with this gold topcoat is perfect) and Sephora by OPI's Almost Famous. This taupey-rosy goldish caramel color positively haunted me while I was on my embarrassingly short-lived ban, so naturally I had to get it.

I'm ashamed/thrilled to now be so overwhelmed with nail polish that I want to change my color every day in order to give each bottle the love it deserves. Clearly, I have more than enough varnish and should really put myself on another ban, but I've decided instead to limit myself to shopping as I did with the Spring/Summer collection. The old Leili would have grabbed all three, making all sorts of ridiculous excuses about how special the colors are and how terrific the formula is, but this new Leili is actually thinking about the wearability of the polishes before she buys them. (Shocker, I know!)

Ideally that's how I should be shopping in general, but I just wouldn't be me without lacking some self-control!

Since I'm mid-ramble anyway, here are some quick updates...

  •  I had a minor heart attack today when I thought my beloved Dior Addict Lip Glow had gotten discontinued--thankfully, it hasn't and my Sephora had only run out.
  • One of my false eyelash clusters fell out earlier. It was one from the middle so you can't tell, but I hope the rest of them will cling on for a while longer!
  • This girl is my hero. Seriously.
  • Bliss Lemon Sage Body Butter does wonders for dry, cracked heels.
  • Been trying to get some professional work clothes and they have now topped jeans as the most annoying type of clothing to shop for.

Please excuse the waffle in this post, but it felt like a while since I've had a good chat on here!

Hope everyone has a terrific week!

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