It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us 1/12

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome to my second It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us post where I talk about products that are duds for any reason--maybe it's terrible packaging, maybe it's unsuitable for my coloring, or maybe it just sucks. Whatever the case, these are things I've recently tried and won't be repurchasing.

Here's the first of the series if you missed it!

1. Origins Out of Trouble Mask: The sales associate recommended this to me for clearing up my pimples and even though I knew it would do nothing for my cystic acne (as no topical treatment does), I figured it would work for my less aggressive spots and whiteheads. Not only does this smell horribly medicinal and feel uncomfortably tight and sometimes itchy as it dries, it didn't do a thing for my skin. It left my face a bit redder than usual upon rinsing, but all my pimples were their normal size and redness the next day. Even the most pathetic of facial masks can dry my whiteheads out, so the fact that this one couldn't when it's specifically designed for acne makes me wonder how it got such high ratings on the Origins site.

2. Michael van Clarke 3 Inches More Pre-Wash Treatment: What a disappointment. I bought this a few months ago at the small, slightly awkward Space NK in the middle of Bloomingdale's after hearing good things about it on Allure's website. This unusual hair product is meant to revitalize dry, damaged or merely long locks, leaving you with strong, bouncy, "new" hair. What a crock of marketing garbage. I've used almost half the enormous bottle now and it hasn't done a damn thing. First of all, the directions tell you to put it in dry hair that hasn't been touched with any silicone based products. That's a total pain to deal with, as almost every conditioner or leave-in product I own contains some silicone, and how much of the chemical qualifies a product as "silicone based"? For testing purposes, I used a shampoo and conditioner that didn't have any silicone (or any other cone) and left my hair to air-dry without putting any product in. The only thing this treatment does is make your hair slightly shiny. That's it, and literally every moisturizing hair mask I've ever tried has made my hair shine. I'm a bit upset with how much of a failure this product is because A) the Space NK lady seemed to really believe it worked, B) the "no silicone" thing had me thinking I stumbled across a really unique, ultra-scientific product, and C) this thing cost me around $45. I've heard Phillip Kingsley makes a product like this (only it supposedly works) called the Elasticizer which I might check out once I finish up a few more hair treatments. 

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Brightener: I talked about this product's correlating foundation in my recent Unfinished Business post, and this was another makeup item I got because MakeupbyTiffanyD made me want it. (The dangers of YouTube!). She talks about the concealer a lot, but I have more than enough under-eye concealers and I'd heard good things about the corrector as well, so that's what I bought instead. This is one of those pink-toned treatments designed to cancel out the bluish purple tones of shadows under the eye. There isn't much of those colors in my dark circles, but I've had the Bobbi Brown corrector before and loved it, so I don't know why this product doesn't work for me. I really like its moisturizing consistency and how smooth and pigmented it is (you only need a little!), but something about it just doesn't look natural on me. No matter how little I apply, I look freakishly pink and almost alien under the eyes. My theory is that this product is a much lighter and cooler pink than the warmer Light Bisque corrector I had from Bobbi Brown so it doesn't look as natural on me. I'd love to be able to compare them side-by-side, but I gave the Bobbi Brown to my grandmother, and I'll be doing this same with this brightener.

4. Got2Be Rockin' It 4Ever Stylestay Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo: Another dry shampoo, is anyone surprised? Now this product isn't actually bad, it's just not that good--especially in comparison to my Holy Grail Batiste (post). I really like the consistency of the powder itself as it's very soft, incredibly easy to blend and doesn't leave a weird grayish cast to my dark hair. But the nozzle is where we run into some problems. For some reason, it's very difficult to control how much of the product comes out each time you spray--I suspect the hole that the powder comes out of is simply too large. The slightest tap on the spray and puff! out comes a lot more dry shampoo than you need. It really is less of a spray packaging and more of a blast. It's not impossible to blend out, but it definitely takes longer and leaves you with a more chalky feel to your hair (though the excess powder is difficult to see).

5. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy: I'd heard so much about this lipstick color, how it's incredibly inexpensive and is the absolute perfect nude lip that I stalked the Rimmel stands of every drugstore for a good year searching for it. I finally found it at Target a few months ago and I absolutely do not understand all the praise it receives. For starters, it's very drying on my lips and something about the formula highlights all the weird lines and crevices in my pucker. In terms of the color, it is a nice nude, but I think it's a bit brown for my skin and it definitely ages me. The shade itself is a good one to have, especially for layering with brighter glosses, but the drying formula means it gets very little wear.

6. Wet n' Wild Walking on Eggshells Palette: I'm a bit on-the-fence as to whether or not I would buy this again. Thee colors are great and the texture of the eyeshadows is really terrific, especially considering the ridiculously low ($5) price. I never liked the top highlight shade as it's too chalky and entirely too shimmery, and when I took it with me on a weekend trip, it got beaten up a little bit. There were a lot of eyeshadow particles and crumby pieces rolling around the palette, so I opened it, turned it over the garbage can and gently tapped. The entire top eyeshadow fell out. Obviously, you don't expect terribly sturdy packaging from $5 eyeshadow, but if jostling around my bag made the powder crumbly, I imagine dropping it on bathroom tile would finish it. I actually prefer the palette now without that unfortunate top highlight, but the quality of the packaging should be taken into consideration here. Do you keep buying good inexpensive makeup as you inevitably drop or break the products, or do you pay three times the price for a much more sturdy single MAC eyeshadow? After seeing how easily these flimsy things fall apart, I'm tempted to go with the second option, especially as I've noticed how much more quickly you get through the Wet n' Wild shadows.


Hopefully that was worth the wait!

If you've tried any of these products and loved/hated them, please let me know (especially if you've used the Michael van Clarke)!

Fun post on eyebrows coming up!

Good night!

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