Cheapie but Goodie: Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil

Monday, January 30, 2012

This post will probably be ridiculously long, so I'll do my best to compartmentalize all the different sections to help you better wade through my waffle! =)

Part of me just wants to review this product by itself, but I feel like I can't really do that without comparing it to some other hair oils, especially since there are so many on the market right now.

Compared to Another Organix Oil: I bought the Awapuhi Ginger oil as well when I picked up this one, and in that haul post, I mentioned my sneaking suspicion that Organix was using the same formula for all their products and switching up the scents and labeling. Obviously I'm a little too cynical, as I very definitely noticed a difference between the ginger and macadamia--the ginger (and all the products from that line) claims to be repairing and it wasn't particularly impressive. It made my hair a bit smoother and less frizzy, but so does almost every other leave-in product I've tried--it's really nothing special and something you can definitely skip.

Compared to the Macadamia Natural Oil: This is my absolute favorite hair oil and is the reason I picked up this cheaper alternative in the first place. Despite how very many hair products I have, the natural oil is one I always come back to as it offers frizz-fighting intense hydration and incredible softening. Out of all the leave-ins I've tried, absolutely nothing makes my hair feel as luxuriously, sinfully soft as that oil, and when it comes to my hair I'm all about the tactile. I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Organix's macadamia oil is almost just as softening. The difference in touch (I put the Organix in one half of my hair and the natural in the other) is almost imperceptible, but the hair with the natural oil was just a hair (haha) softer. In terms of how these two stack up with hydration, the Organix one was just as good as the natural except for where the very tips of my hair were concerned. I've been curling my hair a lot lately, and my fragile ends are getting very dry and frazzled (though they're not split--yet!). In a side-by-side comparison, the natural oil did a better job of providing nourishment for the ends--the tips with the Organix applied were rougher and felt a bit more coarse. In terms of the actual consistency of each of the oils, the cheaper one feels a bit lighter and almost more synthetic-feeling--it doesn't have that thick, luxurious quality the natural one does. I've also found that you need to use more of the Organix, meaning that it's a less concentrated formula. You definitely don't need much (it is, after all, an oil) but for the same section of hair, I would probably use half the amount with the natural oil.

Qualms: The bottle is poorly designed as the hole the product comes out of is entirely too large, basically guaranteeing that you'll get too much oil every time. The packaging also says you can use it in dry hair (which is probably why it's called a "dry styling oil") but if you do, you're almost guaranteed a slightly greasy look--especially if you have fine, straight hair. The Organix version is also weirdly colorless and that combined with its cheap feel sometimes feels like you're just putting cooking oil in your hair, though it smells a lot better than Canola!

Bottom line: I'm really impressed with this product, especially at the price point it's at! This Organix oil is around $9, but the natural oil will run you about $40. These are not so perfectly identical that I would call the Organix a dupe, but they're certainly extremely similar. They both do the frizz-fighting, smoothing and softening well, but the natural just does it slightly better--not enough of an improvement to justify the difference in price. I'll probably wind up replacing the more expensive one with this drugstore alternative, and perhaps might splurge on the real deal on occasion.

I have to say, I'm really impressed with the products drugstore lines have been coming out with recently! I came across another terrific hair product today you'll see featured here soon.

But even more exciting... look! A drugstore brand BB cream!

No idea how this will compare to the Asian BB creams, but I'm off to remove my Revlon ColorStay and give it a go!

Hope everyone has a great week!