$25 Eyelash Extensions?: The Conclusion

Monday, January 23, 2012

I wasn't planning on devoting a whole other post to my cheap extensions, (see the first one here) but my experience with the falsies definitely warranted one.

Right from when they were first glued in, the extensions felt a bit uncomfortable. I didn't mention it in my first post because I assumed it was just excess glue or my eyes not being used to the falsies--the feeling would go away in a few days.

It didn't.

The first few days were strange, of course, as I was paranoid about rubbing my eyes and completely banned myself from wearing any eye makeup (the lashes on their own were enough, and I loved my new easy morning routine). But strangely enough, the longer I wore the falsies, the more unbearable they seemed to be--they had only been on for a week when I desperately wanted them to be off.

Discomfort aside, there was something peculiar about the way my lashes looked after a few days. They looked great once I curled them and the fake ones held that shape remarkably well (I've heard the same about hair extensions--why is fake hair so much more pliable?) but my stick-straight lashes kept straightening out after washing my face and the like. Ordinarily that's not a problem, as I just re-curl in the morning, but the falsies were still perfectly curled and as I quickly found out, messing about with a curler to try and curl the real lashes and not the fakes ones doesn't work. The whole set basically gets crimped into a disgustingly unflattering shape and then there's nothing you can do to fix it--curling false eyelashes is really a one-shot deal.

Basically, from the moment you screw up and accidentally curl the fake lashes badly, you just have to wait it out until they lose their curl enough to go in and (carefully) do it again. In the meantime, my stick-straight lashes poked out between the fake ones, and there was nothing I could do but wait.


All of that I might have been able to deal with, because fluttery lashes and being able to get away with no eye makeup are two such lovely luxuries, if they weren't so damn uncomfortable.

Something about the little roots of the fake lashes (remember, mine are clusters of falsies, not individuals!) were maddeningly itchy and irritating so close to my eyes. I imagine different people would react differently, and it's all a matter of sensitivity, but as much as I tried to stick it out, I wound up pulling my falsies out when two weeks was up.

That glue definitely did its job as even with showering and such, all but two of clusters made it to two weeks. I'd have liked to leave them in longer, but again, I really couldn't take how uncomfortable it was towards the end. Pulling them out was reasonably easy, though slightly painful, but what actually shocked me was how naked I looked when they were all out.

I told myself it was because I had gotten used to seeing my fabulous, lush lashes, but the very next day it was obvious that I had lost a considerable amount of my natural ones. The length was the same, but the number of wispy, puny eyelashes I had was probably cut in half and I almost cried when I curled them and saw what I was working with.

This was all about a week ago, and I've been on strict lash rehabilitation since: no mascara, no eye makeup, and lash serum glooped on every morning and night. They're much better now, but still not where I was before I had the extensions put it.

So overall, would I do this again? With clusters of false lashes, probably not. Yes, I loved the effect and definitely miss it, but there's no way I could go through that highly irritating level of discomfort again. If I ever get the chance to have proper (individual) lash extensions, however, you won't have to ask me twice!

A gorgeous NOTW post is coming up, and probably one on the Organix oils after that!

Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrating it!

Here's a shot of our New Year's Eve dinner....hot pot!

Wishing you all a year of health and prosperity!

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