Worth Every Penny?: Benefit Watt's Up!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Apparently one of the dangers of writing my Beauty Cravings posts is that describing them only makes me want to buy those items even more. Just days after putting up my last one, I was wandering around Sephora with a little too much time to kill and a $15 coupon in my pocket--so naturally, it was only moments before I was headed off to the register with this highlighter in hand.

Let me preface this whole post by repeating, once again, that normally my skin would be way too oily for me to even think about a highlight. My whole life seems like a blur of blot, powder, repeat, but with the recent discovery of Revlon Colorstay and its excellent mattifying skills, I can finally delve into the world of shimmering glow-giving makeup products. (I'm very excited, by the way--I've always wanted to be one of those small-pored girls who look for cosmetics to add a healthy radiance to their complexion. I'd pick a dewy finish over a matte one any day, if only my skin type allowed it!).

I do own two other highlighters that are mostly confined to the depths of my makeup drawers (though they sometimes come out for a quick stroke along my brow bone) but they're both powders. (Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Platinum Pink and MAC Sheer Shimmer Powder in Mellow Mood--both were gifts, I'm a lucky girl!). I'm really glad I have them, though, because it was playing around with these products that taught me that all highlighters are not created the same. (This might seem obvious to you, but again, I'm an oily-skinned girl with very limited experience with them). Some are too glittery, some photograph poorly, some look like straight up sparkle splotched all over the skin. Those might be good options for nighttime, but for daywear, I like a much more natural subtle glow. The Shimmer Brick is gorgeous, but can be a bit too pink for my very yellow skin, and though the MAC powder gets my coloring right, the shimmer is way too chunky and visible.

I could make do with both if I really had to, but next to Watt's Up, they just don't seem to sit on my skin properly. It's simple logic that a cream highlighter would settle more naturally than a powder one, but the product turns into a powdery feel so there isn't too much of a dewy effect. What they really nailed, though, is both the color and type of glow it gives. The cream stick is a perfect fleshy-champagne color with a smidge of pink to it that provides the most gorgeous, flattering sheen--no visible chunks or pieces of shimmer! I never thought a highlighter could look so natural, and a quick swipe across the top of my cheekbones leaves me fabulously radiant like one of those dry-skin girls! (Well, as long as my T-zone is matte). It looks great on the brow bone as well, and in my experience catches the light even better there.

Benefit includes a little felt ball sponge on the other side of the package to blend out the product, but I've never liked using sponges on my face and this one didn't do a particularly good job. Fingers are my favorite tools to use when it comes to cream products, and this is no exception. 

I know that Benefit is all about cute packaging that normally suckers me in, but this one is a little too heavy on the adorable and a bit lacking on the functional. It's designed to look like a flashlight (I think?) but I find the excess packaging just bulks it up and creates an awkward shape to store.

I'm not sure how much use I'll be getting out of this come Spring, as the second the weather turns warm, my oiliness increases exponentially and all thoughts of highlighters are out of the question. But even so, I'm very pleased with this product and would absolutely recommend it. $30 is a little high, but not in comparison to a lot of other cream highlighters on the market, like the NARS multiple in Albatross or something. It also smells a bit like vanilla, if that does anything to sway anybody on the fence about buying this! =)

In random updates on my life, I somehow wound up walking a city block side-by-side with Christina Ricci on her way to film some scenes for Pan Am--it was a good minute before I even recognized her. Haven't heard good things about the show, but her costume was fabulous! (She's tiny, by the way--even in heels, she barely reached my shoulder).

And in case anyone needed any evidence that there's a reason it's called "beauty sleep", after pulling an all-nighter last night, I had absolutely horrendous skin this morning. Forget the acne, that's a constant--but I was uneven, ruddy, splotchy and even foundation didn't make me look much better. I am determined to make up for that, though, so I'm off for a shower, thorough facial cleansing routine and a Taiwanese antioxidant-rich sheet mask before finally hitting the sheets!

Good night!

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