The Winter/Holiday "Look" I've Been Wearing Lately

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This post is a little late, seeing as we're just about at the end of the party season, but better late than never, right?

Besides, there are some things I refuse to do after the holidays and putting away my glitter mascara and red lip color are two of them!

This whole look was actually inspired by this headband, given to me by a family friend several years ago. I used to love headbands on a Blair Waldorf season 1 kind of level, but didn't really wear them recently until my hair looked utterly terrible one day and I just grabbed this one and slipped it on. From then on, I rarely went outside without it tucked behind my ears. Between the color of it and the cute little bow on top, it's perfectly festive but not so much so that it'd feel out of place in other seasons.

Now it might feel a bit matchy-matchy to some, but I really like the red lip with the headband. Everyone loves a dramatic eye makeup, but a statement lip is just so much easier! My go-to red is the Tarte lip stain in Lust, and while I prefer the slightly glossy finish it has, you can always blot that off while keeping the color in tact. This does take a bit longer to set into an actual stain as it's so moisturizing, but once it does, you'll have gorgeous "just-been-eating-berries" lips no matter how much you eat or drink. 

Since the lips are obviously the focus, I like the keep the skin looking as fresh and flawless as I can get it, with ridiculously simple eye makeup. You can always go with the classic winged liner with red lips, but I usually save that for nights out and just go with mascara. I'll also admit to sometimes topping off my Ultimate Natural with my beloved glitter mascara, but that's only when I'm feeling a bit holiday-happy. (Or when I feel like garnering strange stares from people on the subway).

To get my crappy, acne-ridden skin looking good decent, I'll go with my trusty Revlon ColorStay foundation (post) followed by the Cover FX cream foundation (post) to cover up any truly heinous spots. And because finals left my circles darker than usual, I've started layering under-eye  concealer. I start with the super light and moisturizing Garnier Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller (post) and then top that off with my Revlon PhotoReady stick concealer.

A quick dusting of MAC Blot Powder, and then I grab one of my current favorite things, Benefit Watt's Up (post) and run that along the top of my cheekbones. This stick surprisingly works really well over makeup too, so even though it's a cream, I never have any problems applying it over powder. I'm usually more of a matte face kind of girl, but that can look a little dated with red lips--besides, what's prettier than fresh, glowy skin?

Cheek color tends to be a bit of a toss-up for me, as some days I think the lip color is enough, but other times I'll do just the tiniest bit of a matte pink like NYX's Peach. (Shimmery blushes paired with the highlighter are just too dewy for me). I did very recently (as in yesterday!) get the Tarte Amazonian clay blush in Exposed--a gorgeous rosy, plummy tan--so I'll probably start using that with this look. It's my first foray into neutral, brown-based blushes and even though I've only played around with it, I'm guessing it's going to take the place of MAC Stunner as my most wearable blush.

As far as my hair is concerned, I usually just wrap it around my 1 inch and then break up the ringlets with my fingers before slipping the headband on. I actually make a point of curling my hair kind of haphazardly for slightly rumpled looking curls as too-perfect doll curls combined with a prim headband can look a little too prissy. 

And because I think earrings are best for when your hair is pushed off your face, I just pop in these little silver things I got for around $5. (Because I'm sure everybody was absolutely dying to know what jewelry I wear!)

I've probably made the whole getting ready process sound a lot more complicated than it actually is, but putting together the whole "look" should barely take 20 minutes, hair curling included. I'm sure this is how I look in just about every photograph taken of me in the past month or so, and that will very definitely continue into January. 

It's quick, ridiculously easy and works well for day or night--what's not to love?

I should at some point probably break out of this rut and try some new type of complicated party makeup, but monotony is very comfortable and there's something about being on Winter Break that just makes eyeshadow feel like work...

For those of you who like product reviews, I've got Unfinished Business and It Just Didn't Work Out Between Us posts coming up!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of 2011!

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