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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

If there was ever an occasion for glitter, tonight is it, and boy did I go all out on my nails! This is my only Nicole by OPI polish, and I thought it perfectly appropriate for tonight's celebrations! The color itself is a darkened charcoalish gray with maybe a hint of silver, but it's the glitter that really makes it spectacular. I thought OPI Teenage Dream was a bit much, but this one is absolutely the chunkiest glitter polish I own--were it in a brighter color, it could easily verge on the point of obnoxious.

Again, this is my first Nicole by OPI polish, and I'm a little confused about a few things. Firstly, why is the bottle such a strange, dented, deformed shape? It kind of looks like someone made a perfectly round figure and then shoved their thumb into the side. And why, why, would a nail polish with a name like OPI attached not retain their fabulous brush? This one is wide, sure, but it's also stubby and surprisingly dense which makes applying the polish quite sloppy (as if I wasn't already terrible enough at painting my nails!). The formula is good and surprisingly opaque for a glitter, but the huge chunks of sparkle in this give your nails a very rough texture--you'll definitely want to follow up with a good thick topcoat along the lines of Seche Vite. Even so, this polish has already chipped on me a bit, which is actually very surprising, since glitters tend to wear better on me than anything else. I don't know enough about Nicole by OPI polishes to say anything for sure, so I'd like to try some of their cream formulas to really get a feel for their range.

Also...who is Nicole?

Now since it is New Year's Eve, I've decided to post a few of my resolutions. Normally I tend to think New Year's resolutions are a bit silly, as if there's something about yourself you really want to change, you shouldn't need a new year to start. But still, it's a nice idea, so every year I compile a short list of things I'll strive to do in the next 12 months--all of which I inevitably have broken or completely forgotten about by mid-February.

So here are some of my resolutions for 2012, starting with the least likely to be carried out:

1. I will clean out my purse/school bag once a week--all receipts, random pen caps and loose change shall be removed. (HA! I'll be proud if I do this once a month!)
2. I will go to bed before 2 am every night. Not only is this one likely the least possible, it's also the one that requires the most effort and attention. I am the most nocturnal being and that's really been hurting my health lately, so I'm determined to kick this terrible habit or train myself to stick to a better sleep schedule.
3. I will spend at least 5 minutes on my hair every morning. As a lazy wash-and-go girl, I tend to just leave my hair alone, especially during my frantic morning rush. (For instance, I think pinning a side-bang back with a bobby pin or putting on a headband count as hairstyles). I'm absolute crap at styling my hair, which is probably why I avoid it, which in turn might be why I'm terrible at it (damn this circle)! Knowing how to get your hair looking decent in a short amount of time is a good skill to have, and it's one I'm determined to hone in 2012! 
4. All fabulous high heels will be taken out for a stroll at least once a week. Given that I walk just about everywhere I go, I live in flats which makes adjusting to heels for an impromptu night out a bit uncomfortable for my liking. It's clear that I need some more practice, and frankly, my good shoes probably don't see enough daylight anyway.
5. Be more efficient. While I am organized in an almost militant way, I'm not the best about being time-efficient, which tends to hinder my schedule (read: I need to stop wasting time on YouTube and procrastinating with my schoolwork).  I've got quite a few things going on next year, so this one is definitely one of the most important as juggling school and work next semester is going to be very difficult!

Well, that's it--sorry if you were hoping for more ambitious goals. I find that the lower I aim, the less disappointed I am when it's February and I've forgotten everything I firmly resolved to do on January 31st.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve!

And to my fellow New Yorkers, I look forward to fighting you all for a cab tonight.

Here's to a terrific 2012!

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