NOTW: Lady Sings the Blues Topcoat + Products I'm Loving!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Technically this is more of a half-assed Nail of the Week!

I wasn't really in the mood for removing my polish and reapplying, so while spending time with my cousins over the weekend, I slapped on a coat of their Deborah Lippman's Lady Sings the Blues over last week's color, Roadhouse Blues by OPI. Deborah Lippman is famous for her glitters so I'm glad I got to try one out without breaking my ban on purchasing nail polish. Lady Sings the Blues is a blue so dark there might even be black mixed in, chock full of small and large pieces of sparkle and glitter. Obviously I can't speak for how pigmented the color would be if you used this polish on its own, but it makes for a really pretty topcoat. Glitter nail polish is notoriously long-wearing so it works terrifically as armor against chipping, but the effect of the sparkle against the dark blue is also perfectly cosmic!

While this whole blog is sort of an ode to beauty products I enjoy using, I thought I'd do a quick update on some things I've discovered/rediscovered and am loving at the moment!

Let's all pretend like this is perfectly centered, okay?

Murad Clarifying Cleanser: I got this for free from a Sephora deal in exchange for 100 points and any skincare purchase a while back. Normally I don't distinguish between facial cleansers as they all tend to work the same for me (as long as they're formulated for oily skin) but even though this product is nothing extraordinary, there's something about it that I really like. It's just a standard gel cleanser that doesn't leave my face tight after washing, but it's scented a delicious and invigorating lemony-mint that makes me feel brighter and thoroughly clean.

Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Hand Cream: I first showed this in my Paris haul (link) and while I've been saving it for more special hand moisturizing occasions, lately I've been using it nonstop. For strictly hydrating purposes I keep a small body butter in my bag as well, but I use this one as more of a pick-me-up than anything else. Stress and my hectic schedule (though the latter tends to cause the former) are running me into the ground at the moment, so whenever I feel broken down or just need some perking up, out comes this hand cream. Again, it's not the best in terms of moisturizing, but the smell alone is reason enough to buy it--creamy, nutty pistachio that has the unfortunate side effect of me constantly sniffing my hands like an idiot. 

Vera Wang Lovestruck: I did a whole Fragrance Files post on this when I first got it, but I didn't feel like the weather was suitable for wearing it until now. It's the spiciest perfume I own, so much so that it could potentially be mistaken for men's cologne, but it develops into something slightly sweeter and I crave warmer, Oriental scents this time of year.

My photography skills never cease to amaze me. 

Ojon Restoratives Damage Reverse Daily Conditioner: Another freebie Sephora promotion from ages ago. I haven't used the coordinating shampoo much (it came free as well) but this conditioner really does well for dry and damaged hair. I still prefer my Holy Grail Redken All Soft, but this comes close in terms of texture and hydration. Ojon seems to have a knack for making the foulest-smelling hair products, so if you don't think you can handle the smell of dirt-covered burnt cigarettes rotting in ash and garbage, you might want to steer clear of this one. =)

Everyday Makeup Routine coming up--I swear it this time!

Have a happy Friday and an even better weekend!

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